Stop and Smell the Flowers

Written April 12, 2018


Do we ever just take the time to stop and look at what is around us? Yesterday, I was sitting in my car in line waiting for my coffee at our local coffee shop. Suddenly, I looked up from my phone and started to look around me. Not just a passing glance, but a true long look at my surroundings. The more I looked the more detail I saw and I began to focus on all the beauty. I saw the green leaves starting to come out on the trees, vibrant greens against the midday sun. All of the bushes were starting to bud with new spring flowers. There were reds, purples, blues and just about every color imaginable. For some reason, at this moment I noticed the sun shining on everything making it clearer, bolder and brighter than I was used to seeing. Why, now?

Finally it came to me. Normally as I go through my day, I am tied to my phone for work or other things that may be going on. Even when I have the opportunity to take a few minutes, I am often unable to let go of the leash that the phone seems to have me on. We have become a technological society that in many ways has enhanced our lives. But in tying ourselves to the latest, newest, most accessible products we often forget to observe what is going on around us and life just drifts by. In that moment, I realized I wasn’t having some universal episode that was causing everything to look different than it ever does. The leaves, the buds, the colors, the sun….they are always there. What happened was I took the time to put the electronics down and actually observe life for a change.

What a wonderful experience it was. How many wonderful things go by us every day that we miss? How often do we get the opportunity to truly admire and appreciate nature, people and the happenings of a day? For many seniors, once they enter a senior community, they never see the outside of those four walls and sometimes I think that is what life has become for us as we are tied more and more to our technological devices and our busy lives. Take five minutes today and walk outside. Leave you phone inside and just be in the moment. Really take a look at what is around you. See the true colors, feel the air and take it all in. Admire what life is offering. In doing so, you will have created that moment for you that no one else can claim. In doing so, I promise you will smile.

Remember to be the reason someone smiles today.


2 Comments on “Stop and Smell the Flowers

  1. That photo says it all. I see that happening every day and it makes me sad. Thanks for the reminder to lift up our heads, open our eyes, and smell those flowers. There IS beauty all around us.

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