Why I Write

One of the questions I get asked the most is why I write? I am a firm believer that writing like any other talent is a gift and gifts that aren’t used and shared are often lost. There are so many talents that people possess that they are often unaware of. Others recognize and nurture their talent and make the decision to share them with the world. That is exactly what I chose to do.

At an early age I had a passion for writing. When I was ten I went to the five and dime store and bought myself a hard back ledger people used to keep track of accounts. I cut a bunch of pictures out of magazines and pasted them on each page of the ledger. I wrote a poem about each one of the pictures. I continued writing about anything I could think of and I found it stimulating and fun. I would spend hours at a time in my room writing poetry and stories.

The main reason I continued to write was because I was encouraged to do so. Several posts ago I talked about letting children be creative and express who they are through their abilities. I was very fortunate to have a family that let me do just that. They celebrated my talent, rather than discourage it and were always there to read my latest work and provide feedback and encouragement. Never once did they stifle my creativity and that gave me the passion to continue to write over the years.

There were several times that I went down the road of trying to write a book and for some reason I always got just so far and would either lose interest or reach a mental roadblock that prevented me from continuing. However, I always knew that I would find an outlet for my writing, where I could share it with others and now that has finally happened.

When I started the blog at bringsmilestoseniors.com, I once again attempted to write. The problem was that no one read the site and I felt like I was writing to a ghost audience. Then I discovered this blog where people could actually sign up to receive the posts regularly and the magical match was made. I had the outlet to share my writing and stories with you and I found it incredible therapeutic for me.

My posts are never meant to convey that I know it all. That is far from the truth. They are meant to share with you experiences and feelings from my point of view. They are also meant to provoke thought in hopes that something in my words may provide a reason for you to take a look at and evaluate something that may be going on in your own life.

Do you have the gift of talent that needs exploring and sharing? If so, uncover it and reignite the passion for the talent you possess. When you do, share it with others so they too can be encouraged to do the same. So, to answer the question why I write….I write because of my passion and it’s my way of sharing my gift with you.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


4 Comments on “Why I Write

  1. This may be one of my many favorites posts thus far. Your writing has allowed me to explore so much within myself. I look forward to it every day! It has provided me with hope, goals, dreams, knowledge, and lessons. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing and I admire you for doing so. Kim


  2. Keep up your good work. I read your posts every day, and find them inspiring. Also, I do intend to try that pound cake recipe!


  3. You just keep right on writing, Ron — I look forward to your daily posts and they’re a highlight of my day. Your messages are uplifting, encouraging, and do put a smile on my face. A wonderful start to the day, with your gift of writing!


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift of writing! ☺ With each post you bring such a beautiful message that is so inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. I also find many of your posts to be so relatable too! There’s been many posts where I can say Wow! I know exactly what he means! 😊 I can’t wait to read many many more of your posts! Your such an inspiration! -Raquel


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