A Lesson Learned


As we go through life there are lessons we learn that may be awful at the time, but wind up being points in our life that set us on a better path than we might have otherwise chosen.  One such lesson happened for me when I was young and I am so thankful for the actions that my parents took at the time to make it right.

Before I reached my teens, for some reason I always wanted to be a server in a restaurant.  As a result, I thought that it would be really cool to set up a play restaurant in the house while my parents were at work and practice with my brother and cousins. However, to accomplish this I was missing a very important item that was used back in those days in restaurants.  Remember when they used to take orders on paper order books and sent those off to the kitchen for the order to be made? Well, I needed one of those. The only problem was I had no money.  What was I to do?

We had a local five and dime in the middle of town that I knew had them. So on my next visit with my mom and grandmother, I slipped away from them and managed to put one of the booklets in my pants without anyone knowing. Success, I could now open my pretend restaurant. However, unexpectedly I started having this thing called guilt. I knew what I had done was wrong and eventually it got the best of me and I wound up telling my parents what I did. What do you think they did? After a good scolding, they marched me right down to the five and dime and made me tell the store owner what I had done, apologize and made me pay for the book.  But that wasn’t the end of it.  As with many stories, this one has a twist.

In my Sophomore year of high school I was working at a bakery and my grandmother was in the five and dime one day and the owner came up to her and asked if I would be interested in coming to work for him. He remembered what had happened all those years ago and thought I had done an admirable thing.  I quickly accepted and wound up working for him until I graduated high school and went off to college.

Had my actions gone unchecked, that experience may have had a very different effect on me.  Looking back, I am so thankful to my family for caring enough to make me do the right thing. The lesson for any youngster in all of this is that yes, there are times when your parents know best. Many times.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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