Must Our Notions Always Be Preconceived?

Yesterday, I got to thinking about how many times we meet people or go into situations and even before we have a chance to experience them we have developed preconceived notions. They can be notions about whether or not you are going to like the person. Expectations that the experience is going to be bad. Before we even have an opportunity to go through the experience, we have already worked out in our mind what it is going to be like. Then having actually interacted with the person or gone through the event it turns out to be totally not what we were expecting.

Often I think we never give ourselves a chance for success because we are so keen on thinking that we already know what is going to take place, that we set the encounter for failure before it even happens. In doing so, we risk the opportunity that we are going to miss out on meeting someone really special or experience something truly magical because in our heads we have already doomed it’s success.

In a recent post, I wrote about going with the flow. Taking each opportunity as it comes without expectations and just letting it take us on the journey that it was meant to be for us. Filling our minds with unfair and often unrealistic expectations and never truly giving ourselves the opportunity to experience the realness of the person or event in its true form, is neither fair to the the opportunity or to us as individuals.

So many times in life we allow past experiences to overshadow present realities. We already have it figured out in our heads before it even happens and nine times out of ten we wind up being totally wrong. Once we have come to that realization, it is already too late to gain that experience back again. It makes one wonder just how many wonderful things we miss out on simply because of our preconceived notions about someone or some thing.

So, one thing that I continue to work on and I recommend for anyone is that we experience everything that life has to offer just as it comes to us. Sometimes its going to be great and sometimes it might not work out. However, if we enter into the situation with an open mind and just let things happen as they may, we will at least know that we have given it a chance. My guess is that more times than not we will be pleasantly surprised.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


2 Comments on “Must Our Notions Always Be Preconceived?

  1. Go through life with no expectations and the wonder of a child 😊


  2. If you do nothing else today read this. You can be happier, my man 😊😊😊😊😘

    Hugs & Smiles Renee’ 😊 🐾


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