The next second belongs to you

In the few seconds that you have read the title and quote that are a part of today’s post, something magical has happened. In less than a minute you have reached the point in your life where, from this moment forward, you are facing the beginning of anything you want. Think about it. Every thing that has happened prior to your reading this post is in the past and every second after contains moments that you can make whatever you want them to be.

Have you wanted to do something to change your life, take up a hobby, read a book, start exercising or just wanted to make life something different than it has been.l? Well, here is your opportunity. Because we control our own destiny and every second and minute that comes next can be anything that we want them to be. That alone should keep us from being afraid of the future and help us to embrace it, celebrate it and put the things in place that are required to make the next parts of our life truly special.

We often spend so much time beating ourselves up for what has happened, that we never allow ourselves the opportunity to make life different. Either that or we allow people to do the beating up for us and spend all our time focusing on them and not that for which we are capable. Our lives are an endless landscape of new experiences and possibilities. Our ability to navigate those paths and leave the past behind, while using it as a guide for our future, is what determines just how “ours” our life is going to be.

I often tell my spouse as I am going to bed at night that it is one of my favorite parts of the day. The reason I say that is that I go to sleep closing the chapter on what has passed and look forward to a new morning where I can make the next day anything that I want it to be. It’s not because I am depressed and just don’t want to deal with the world. It is because I know that those few hours that come between dusk and dawn are going to reenergize me and give me the strength I need to make tomorrow mine.

As we strive to make our life ours, we have to avoid our old enemy self doubt. It is rare that anyone can be as hard on us as we are on ourselves and that often prevents us from moving forward in the manner that we desire. I’m going to repeat what Nadia said in my last post because I think it is so powerful, “I’m never going to say I can’t do it. I’m never going to say maybe. I’m never going to say I think I can. I can and I will”. That is the mantra that we all need to ensure that those next moments that we face are those that we make our own.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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