Beauty Within

Written April 18, 2018 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The pictures I took last night on my way home are a prime example of beauty at it’s finest. Whereas with most things, beauty is often defined in many ways depending on the circumstance and situation, and sometimes doesn’t get to the core of what real beauty is all about. Years ago when I was in the Air Force, we were contacted by the Ms. Florida Association asking for a group of Airmen that would be willing… Read More

Getting Started

Written April 20, 2018 We made it. Another week behind us and time for a little weekend relaxation and fun. Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up in bed and you just don’t want to move yourself from the covers and plant two feet on the floor to get started? You had a good night’s sleep, but for some reason the motivation just isn’t there to take that first step and you lay there just a little longer. When that happens to me, and it did this morning, I… Read More


Written April 24, 2018 Last night I was thinking about expectations. Those that we put on ourselves, on other people and expectations about life in general. Often we have such a preconceived notion of what is supposed to happen, or what a person is supposed to do, that when the expectation isn’t met it ultimately causes disappointment. When that happens to me I often sit back and try to evaluate exactly what my expectations were and why they weren’t met. The more I did that, the more I came to realize that… Read More

Me Time

Written April 25, 2018 Here we find ourselves in the middle of the week again and what a crazy week it has been so far. Busy, busy, busy! Have you ever found yourself looking at your calendar for the day and every minute of it is planned out? Work obligations, taking care of family, shopping, errands, cooking, cleaning, etc. If you had to add one more thing you just don’t know where you would put it. Isn’t that most days? If you were to pull out that schedule and closely scrutinize it,… Read More

Mean People

Written April 26, 2018 Have you ever had those people in your life, whether work, social or personal, that no matter how hard you try to please them they are just down right mean? You work as hard as you can to accommodate, adjust and make the situation better, yet everything you try just doesn’t seem to work. At the end of the day they are just mean by nature. There is a point in the relationship where mean actually becomes bullying and if you have experienced it you know that it… Read More

Thankful for….

Written April 27, 2018 Last night I was doing my “Thankful Thursday” where I pick something that I am thankful for and focus on it. This time it was specifically about my parents, grandmother and brother. I would imagine that any parent has their children, schools them in the way of life, remains there for support throughout their life and hope that they have done their best to set them on a path to being the best that they can be. Well, most parents, we know some children that aren’t that fortunate…. Read More

Just Do It

Written April 30, 2018 For those of us in Florida the spring weather continued to be unseasonably cool with no humidity and we are enjoying that for as long as it will last, which unfortunately won’t be much longer. Hope you got to spend time with friends or family and most importantly a little time with yourself. I was talking with my friend Linda over the weekend and we got on the subject of doing things. How many times do we say we are going to do something and we just never… Read More


Written May 1, 2018 Wishing you a happy day every morning got me to thinking about happiness. Now, unfortunately I can’t define happiness for you because it can be different things to different people. However, the dictionary will tell you that happiness is defined as “the state of being happy”. Well that’s a big help. Generally, it is just a mental or emotional state of well-being that is characterized by pleasant emotions. So much for the text book definitions, but when you get right down to it, what is it really? Many… Read More

Multiple Emails

Apologies in advance, but for today only you will see multiple emails in your inbox.  We are in the process of transferring over the previous inspirational posts from our old blog so they will all be in one place.  Going forward you will receive only the current daily posts.

Words Matter

Yesterday, I was thinking about how people talk to each other. Sometimes, I like to just observe conversations between people that I happen to be a part of and take in what is being said. This can be in work or social environments and the conversations I hear are often fascinating. It is an opportunity to learn new things, observe human behavior and see what drives people to say the things they sometimes say. Once in a while what I hear isn’t all that pleasant. That got me to thinking. When we… Read More

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