There is time to refresh your body and soul

Thanks Marilyn for letting me steal this quote from your page. These quotes always seem to appear at exactly the right time.

Why is it so hard to look out for and take care of ourselves before we do anything else? We go out of our way to take care of the problems of the world, make everyone else happy and see that other’s needs are taken care of. In doing those things we seem to find unlimited time and internal resources. Yet, when it comes to taking care of our own body and souls there just does not seem to be the time.

There is within all of us this innate desire to ensure others well being. We don’t like to see people unhappy, hurting or struggling in their own lives. We often feel if we can make them feel better then ultimately that will take care of our own needs or at least distract us from them. That may work for a certain amount of time, but in the long run the neglect of our own needs starts a chain of events that affects us not only mentally, but physically as well.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I recently started doing some meditation with the Headspace app. I find it very hard to meditate and just stop for a few minutes. When I do I feel like there is something else that I should be doing and am easily distracted. However, I made up my mind that I was going to start with the five or ten minutes as they suggest and devote only those minutes to me. It was amazing to find out what just ten minutes did for my psyche and soul. Giving those minutes to no one but myself did not feel selfish, it felt rejuvenating. It created a little bit of space in my head that I was able to access throughout the day when I needed it most.

We all know that life is often difficult and has only gotten more complex and complicated over the years. Advances in technology, travel, and the “need it now” attitude we seemed to have developed have only added to the previous stresses that life offered. The 24 hour news cycle, state of our world, not to mention the constant barrage of not so great news, has created a level of anxiety that is unprecedented. That has only made it more important that seek sources of refreshment for our bodies and souls.

If you are experiencing this struggle, know that you are not in the minority. In fact, I would venture to say that you are in the majority. Find a balance in caring for others and yourself. Know that you can not solve all the issues of others or the world. You can only offer the level of support and guidance for which you are capable. Just ensure that when you are offering that support you are also making that space needed to take care of you.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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Celebrate the me yet to come

“I sing the body electric. I celebrate the me yet to come. I toast to my own reunion. Till I become one with the sun”. If you know those words, they come from the Movie Fame and one of the closing numbers of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, try and find the song on YouTube. There is something electric about it that seems to fill your soul with hope and joy.

One of the things that I love most about mornings is I get to start my life over every single day. The trials and tribulations of the past are behind me and I feel like I can get up with a renewed energy to face what ever may be coming my way on that particular day. Old and new hopes and dreams are still right there in front of me waiting to happen and all the work I do in those next day’s hours drive me to achieve them. Each and every morning is an opportunity to celebrate the “me yet to come”.

It is very difficult to avoid having the past seep into your plans for the future and hinder the successful realization of the dreams that you desire. Past failures plant seeds of doubt that tend to raise their ugly heads just at the time when you feel like you have gotten to the point where you can move on. Recognizing those times at the moment they come into our minds and then letting them go is incredibly important to clearing the way for our future ambitions.

Do you ever have those days where you wake up after a good nights sleep and feel like you can conquer the world? You have the motivation to aspire to greatness in a life that has already been good to you, because you know that you can do more. It is those moments that we need to harness to get us through the times when the motivation isn’t so great. Not every day provides the same level of exuberance that particular day might offer, but every day does provide a clean slate for us to make it anything that we want it to be.

Sometimes, I do feel like I want to conquer the world. I want to make life better for every senior that we can touch through the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. I want every senior to never be lonely again and to know that they are loved, not forgotten and remind them that they still matter. I know we can only do it one smile at a time, but we can do it and we do. Enriching my life enriches theirs and so many others in return.

When you read this post this morning, take a moment to “celebrate the me yet to come”. Focus on why you are here, what your purpose is and no matter what life has sent your way that you are stronger than anything life can throw at you. Toast you for the person you are and the person you will become. We all deserve the greatest life that we can possibly have.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason YOU and someone else smiles.


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Remembering them prepares others to remember us

By now, most of you know of my involvement in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. In a country so great with riches and opportunity, we still have to be reminded of the importance of taking care of our seniors, those that paved the way for us so that we could have a better future. From the people of the Mayflower and the founders of our great country to civil rights icons like Rosa Parks, all became seniors that worked to make our lives just a little bit better. Yet, somewhere along the way we have become a society so consumed with youth and manufactured beauty that we have lost our respect for the gracefulness of the aging process and the need to take care of those that have reached those years.

In my travels though senior communities over the years I have seen those that were lucky enough to have families continue to be involved in their lives. At the same time, I have have seen plenty of people that were secluded to those four walls and did not receive visitors, cards, birthday or anniversary reminders and even those that have managed to outlive their entire families. Individuals that need love and compassion most were some of the ones that received it the least. It is as if once we reach a certain age we are assumed to be on the road to the end anyway, so spending money, resources and time on those individuals is considered a waste. An unfortunate situation.

In many other cultures, seniors are not only remembered, they are revered. When I lived in Turkey the senior was the most important part of the household. In any room, they always sat nearest the door to the outside in case there was an emergency so that they were the first to safety. In some places in Europe some nursing homes are created like cities so that seniors can be a part of what is considered a normal environment. In Asia seniors are almost considered deities that are revered and celebrated. Unfortunately, while there are pockets of our society that do great things for seniors, getting funding and resources to make their lives better in their golden years is a fight and a struggle, even when many spend the last of their means to ensure that their families have a brighter future.

We all have the power to make a difference. Each and every one of us not only has a senior as a part of our lives at some moment along life’s path, we will also eventually become one of those seniors. Unfortunately, by that point our power to make change diminishes while the power of the next generation focuses on taking care of themselves. Use the power you have today to make the difference in a senior’s life. Do one thing special for someone in your family, a senior you are associated with or one you don’t even know. If we do that one by one it will grow exponentially and once again those generations that deserve our attention will get that reminder that they are loved.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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A more tranquil world

The other day I was on a flight high above the clouds looking out over the horizon. At 34,000 feet it is a very different world. There is a calmness to the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds and the dark patches of the earth down below. It seems a surreal world between the craziness of what is going on down on earth and the tranquilness that is far above us. That got me to thinking.

In a world with so much beauty, why is it that we as societies find the need to muck it all up with wars, hatred, racism and conflicts? All around us are amazing things to be discovered, wonderful cultures to be experienced and passions to be realized. Yet, the greed and the need for power often circumvent the opportunity to enjoy all that the world has to offer at its finest. If the power of all the combined conflict in the world were harnessed for good, imagine the amazing things that could happen.

It seems that rather than being able to come together to create the common good, we are separated by multi party systems, classes, castes and socioeconomic levels. All of this despite the fact that we all started life in the exact same way and will finish life in equally the same way. The twists and turns that happen between those two moments are what creates the harmony and chaos that make up our world.

Unless we are completely insane, I have to believe that most of us dream of a utopia where we all live in harmony and peace. A place where individuals aren’t out for just themselves, but for the common good of their fellow person. A world of giving rather than taking and a world where compassion and understanding overpower greed and avarice.

I would like to believe that the majority of people long for that tranquil world that I saw outside that window. If we can’t live it, we have to find a way to create it by surrounding ourselves with that which is good, learning to block out the negative and giving the positive a chance to come through is a beginning. From there we can build life into what we want, if we only believe.

Have a great day and remember to be the reasons someone smiles.


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Give a smile or steal a smile

You have probably noticed by now that at the end of every post I say, “Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.” There is a reason for that. Every day we have an option to either be the person that gets to make others smile during the day or we are the person that lets the world around us steal that smile from us. Morning to night brings many opportunities to go either way and what we choose often sets the stage for the next day, or even future days to come.

In the past, I was always one of those persons that was deeply affected by the people around me and their moods. I could start off a day in a perfectly happy mood with all the optimism in the world, only to be brought down to the depths of despair by those that I allowed to affect me. It was almost as if I was a sponge that absorbed the environment that I happened to be in, no matter how much I resisted it. I let the world change my smile simply because I did not know how to counter it.

As I moved through life, I had the opportunity to experience life and cultures in many different places. Some cultures were happier, some not so happy. As I started to evaluate those cultures I happened to be in at the moment, I soon realized that there were many who were able to choose and maintain their moods rather than let those around them influence how they were going to feel. The more I observed, the more I started to realize that I had that same power, I just either did not realize it or had not learned that I had that capability.

Obviously things are going to happen to us throughout the day that are going to temporarily affect how we feel. How long that temporary moment lasts is totally up to us as we have the ultimate control. As you go through your day today, will you be that person that let’s your smile change the world, or will you be the person that let’s the world take that smile from you. The decision really is yours and for you I hope it is the former.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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Find the space between your comfort zone and dream

Helen Keller said, “The place between your comfort zone and your dreams is where life takes place.” When I saw this quote the other day, it got me thinking about how many times in life we fail to realize our own true dreams because we simply can’t find the courage to walk across that line that is our comfort zone. We get so comfortable in what we do and who we are that the need to challenge ourselves seems too much of an effort when the status quo is far more simpler.

Like many people, in so many ways I was always one of those people that had a hard time dealing with change. The things I was comfortable with were safe and secure, no matter how mundane they were. Crossing that comfort line meant that there was a risk of failure and I was not comfortable taking that risk. However, I started to see those around me that were expanding on their lives to have experiences that I could only dream of. Inside, I started to yearn for what I was seeing other people do and I needed to make the decision whether or not I was going to be satisfied with a simple life or take a chance on making it spectacular

Fortunately for me I chose the latter. Traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and ways of life opened my eyes to a world that was beyond my comprehension. Living in another country when I was in the Air Force at an early age gave me confidence that the area outside my comfort zone was okay. I learned to dream big and that failure did not mean the end, it was the stepping stone to something even greater.

Helen Keller was right. Life really does take place between our comfort zone and our dreams. If you have been struggling to find your way out of your own mire, take one small step. Do one small thing differently. Use failures as tools for getting to where you really want to be. It is only then that your dreams can truly become reality.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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What we say matters

Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment and would give anything to take it back? Maybe you said something that happened to be what you were feeling, yet you did not realize the impact that it was going to have on the person on the receiving end. Perhaps you even said it not caring about the consequences, it just happened to be what you were thinking or believed and you just needed to get it out. I would venture to say we have all done this at one time or another.

This past week I was thinking about this particular subject a lot. I was pondering moments where someone said something to me years ago and I could picture them saying it to me as if it were in the present moment. Sometimes hurtful things that never seemed to find their way out of my mind and sometimes things that were encouraging and good advice that I have used throughout life. No matter what the type of message, I would venture to say that the majority of the people who said those things to me had no idea that 20 or 30 years later I still remember the exact words that they said to me as if they were delivered in the current moment.

Our choice of words is especially important when speaking to children. We often do not realize how impressionable they are and how much our words matter. What we say to them could have a more profound impact on how they develop their on self reflection and worth than we even realize. In reality, what we say to adolescents and even adults carries equal importance, as we are in a constant state of mental development as we go through our different stages of our life.

The unfortunate thing is that it is often the negative comments that stay with us the most. They tend to overshadow the positive ones. It is just how our mind operates. When the negative comments outweigh the positive it makes it even more difficult to reconcile those thoughts as we develop our self worth. Getting to the point where we do not care what others think is no easy task, which makes it incumbent on us to think before we speak and consider the consequences that our words may have.

There have been times where my mouth overrode my brain and what came out was not what I had intended. Once said you can not take it back. You can only work to explain what you may have meant. We should always consider that there is a chance that what we say may be something that the person receiving our comments may have to live with for the rest of their life. That makes it important for us to consider if our need to say what is on our mind is worth the impact that it may have. It is as simple as thinking before we speak.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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It doesn’t take much to do a lot

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like life has been good to you and you want to find a way to give back, but you just don’t have the means or know how? How about the feeling that life has not been that good to you and you are looking to put a little Karma out into the world to try and get a little back for yourself? The desire to give is great but you feel like you just don’t have anything to give.

Those are thoughts that many of us face throughout our lives at one point or another. What we sometimes fail to realize is that there are people who have everything and still fail to give. The desire to do what we can with what we have is something personal that has to be developed within our own hearts and minds.

In the third year of our Bring Smiles to Seniors program, I thought about this a lot. There were many who were sending us cards on a regular basis, some even more than regular. People who felt the need and compassion to be a part of this amazing smile journey that we are all on. I started noticing people that were an active part of our social media pages who were commenting that they would love to help but just did not have the means. What they failed to realize was that they were helping just by participating and sharing the word about what we were doing. This gave me an idea.

We had a need to get cards that were donated to us decorated. I came up with the idea of creating decorating packets that consisted of cards, decorating pens, stickers and a return postage paid envelope to return the decorated cards to us. This way those who wanted give back only needed to give of their creativity and time to make a difference in a senior’s life. There was risk that the cards would go out and never come back again and initially that seemed to be what might be happening. But I believed in humanity and the desire to give and my fears were eventually laid aside. Now we have many people decorating cards for us. It is those very people that have contributed to our delivering over 100,000 cards since we began the program in March 2016. The feedback regarding what it has done for their own lives has been heartwarming.

Even those of us who may think that we have nothing to give always have something. Opening a door, helping someone across the street, offering support or just commenting on posts are all something. None of those things cost us anything. Finding our own way to contribute within our means is not only good for the world, it is good for our soul as well.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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Sometimes we just need a little headspace

Have you ever had those moments in your life where you feel like your head has completely filled up and it just can’t take on one more thing? Life is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you and you wonder how you are going to deal with whatever else is may bring. Although research says that we only use a small percentage of the total capacity of our brain, to us it feels full and it is at times exhausting.

For me, this has been the case lately. Balancing my full time job, leading Bring Smiles to Seniors, family responsibilities, social obligations, writing my blog and recording and editing my podcast has caused me to take pause. I know I have the stamina to do it all, but trying to find a way to add a little headspace where I can just breathe sometimes proves to be difficult. Suddenly, an unexpected moment happens that gives you just the shot in the arm that you were looking for.

At a recent work event out of town some of my colleagues were sharing with me an app they use called Headspace. It basically teaches you how to create headspace, tune out the noise and allow the mind the opportunity for time to rest. I have heard of meditation over the years but never really considered it with any great interest. Mostly because I wondered where I would find the time to fit it in. While I am in the early stages with Headspace, I think that it could be something that changes my life. If the early indications of the effect prove true, I know that it will.

It is amazing what happens when you just stop for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be hours or even half hours. Five minutes to give the mind a rest and let the traffic noise in your head go by provides a bit of rejuvenation that helps to get through he day. I am sure as that time expands and I become more experienced with the process, those minutes will expand and I will find even more benefit from the exercise.

It is important to pay as much attention to our mind as we do to our bodies to ensure that both stay in harmony and working order. They are both the vessels that give us the opportunity to navigate this thing we call life. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of a little headpsace, find the technique, app or process that works for you. Let five minutes become ten, twenty and more. Be good to you brain and I can assure you in turn it will return the favor.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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Risks are the pain and joy of life

As we go through life we are presented with many opportunities to make decisions. Taking the time to evaluate those decisions is prudent and wise. Being scared to make a decision is natural, but often keeps us from enjoying the fruits of what that decision may bring us. A quote that I heard by Sherry Lansing who was the first female to head a movie studio got me to thinking. She said, “If you take risks, you are going to be wrong as much as you are right. That’s the pain of life and the joy of life.”

How boring life would be without risk. Never venturing beyond the edge of our comfort zone often leads to a life that is mundane and without excitement. Taking a risk that winds up being a mistake often provides us with the stepping stones and strength that we need to get to something even better. The pain of having gone through the experience proved to have value even though it may be not have brought us joy in the moment.

People have built fortunes on calculated risks and that amount of risk isn’t necessarily for everyone. It often takes risk to be able to reap rewards, but not everyone has the stamina that it takes to ride the highs and the lows that come with the effort. However, a life without pain or joy is hardly a life full of value. Experiencing those moments of good and bad are at the very core of what life is all about.

If we are willing to put ourselves out there and take a chance, we have to do it knowing that failure is always a possibility. It is often the chance of failure that gives us the drive that we ultimately need to see that failure doesn’t materialize . When it doesn’t we experience the joy of success and that provides the fuel that we need to take on the next risk with a little more confidence.

Throughout my life I have taken many risks and chances. Some have paid off, some have failed miserably. However, at the end of the day I can look back and say I lived. With all the twists and turns that have taken place over my 56 years, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. In one of my recent messages I talked about getting to the end of life and not wanting to say I wish I did or I wish I had. If you are willing to take take healthy risk to make your life what you want it to be, then those words won’t even be an option. The words will more likely be, I’m glad I did.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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