Plans help us move

Life is a series of paths, twists and turns that are sometimes expected, yet often surprise us. Expecting our life to lay out a plan for us without any effort is definitely an exercise in futility. Sitting back and expecting things to happen or life to dole out that which we desire without a plan, is the best way to set ourselves up for major disappointment. If we don’t take the time to at least plan a simple roadmap for where we want to go, then we are left to the whims of whatever life is going to bring our way and that often involves things that we may not necessarily want.

There are people that plan out every single moment of every day of their life. While that may work for them, I believe that causes them to miss many of life’s amazing spontaneous moments that can come our way. On the other end of the spectrum, those who have no plan at all are often left with having to deal with anything that life decides to throw at them. This causes them to have to be reactive vs. proactive and often without the tools that they need to get them through what may be happening at that particular moment.

It is in those moments that we feel stuck in life that we look back and wish we had some type of plan. That doesn’t mean that plans can’t be modified. Changing course is a natural part of life and it rarely goes exactly according to whatever plan we have laid out. Those are the moments that make us stronger and allow us to make the changes necessary to get on a path that may be more meaningful for us. Having no plan at all and living life according to what it often throws at us, often leads to dissatisfaction and situations that only seem to compound to make our lives more difficult and less meaningful.

No matter what age we are in life, there is always time for a plan. Sometimes it is easier to plan for stages in life rather than tackle life plans as a whole. Map it out five or ten years at a time and then allow yourself the flexibility to make alterations and corrections that keep you on the path to your ultimate goal. That keeps you from being overwhelmed and allows you to enjoy your successful moments along the way. Even a simple plan gives us guidance on where we are headed and gives us the opportunity to make a move towards that which we desire.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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