Just the Right Time

As most of you know, Renee manages our home mailing program. Throughout the year she sends thousands of cards and packages to seniors just to remind them that they are thought about and cared for and to recognize special occasions like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. She shares messages with me that we receive back that are beautiful and heartwarming and often say that her cards and packages arrived at just the right time. This got me to thinking (boy I think a lot).

As we go through life and our daily routines, we encounter people in all type of settings and situations. Many are people that we know and many are people that we do not. Most of the time when we encounter these individuals, we have no idea what is going on at that particular moment in their life. They could be dealing with a stressful situation, something tragic could have happened recently or they may be at a crossroads in their own lives. Often we may think the person is mean or rude without fully understanding their situation at that particular moment.

Our interaction with them may come at just the right time to help them through the very situation they are dealing with, without us even realizing it. Do we ever stop to think that we didn’t happen upon that situation by chance, but rather that there was a guiding hand placing us there at that very moment for a reason? How we react and act in the course of that encounter has a profound effect on not only ourselves but the person we are interacting with.

Renee and I were exchanging emails last night and were talking about the fact that our hand is guided in the program by a much higher power than us. Her mail seems to arrive at just the right time. Our deliveries seem to happen at just the right time. We put a card in a senior’s hand at just the right time. That doesn’t all happen by chance.

As you go through your day and you encounter people, take a moment before judging the situation and consider that we have no idea what those we encounter may be going through at any given moment. Show the compassion and understanding that we would want for ourselves and make it an opportunity for a positive experience for both parties. It may be that your being placed in that situation, no matter how uncomfortable, that might be just the right time for that person and you.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


5 Comments on “Just the Right Time

  1. Ron, When I read today’s message it was as if it was just for me. Like when you go to church and the message the Pastor is giving is just what you need to hear. I spent some time today thinking about “Just the Right Time” and how it pertained to the gate attendant experience I had. Just because I saw the two cars ahead of me go through the gate I made an assumption I would be granted to do the same. When I was not allowed to enter and had to back up and put in my gate code I was quite frustrated. When the gate attendant said he was just doing his job I should have respected that. Perhaps in the past he may have been fired from a job for not following procedure or was reprimanded. I made a judgment on his character for not really knowing his story. Whatever his job title, it is still his job. Today was “Just the Right Time” to reflect on this. Next Thursday I will let the gate attendant know I will put in my code each time and I do understand that he was just trying to do his job. God’s timing has been magical with the Bring Smiles Program. He knew Ron that you would be His disciple to spread smiles to thousands of seniors. All in the memory of Grandma Lola Mae. What a beautiful gift! Now you are writing messages to inspire, spread joy, and give us all much to ponder. Thank you for your wisdom. Finally, today’s message was “Just the Right Time” for another life lesson. Kim

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    • Thank you for your kind words and for validating my reasons for writing. R


  2. .This post reminds me of the book, When God winks at you by Squire Rushnell. A great book. The cover says, “How God speaks directly to you through the power of coincidence.


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