We Should Never Forget to Laugh

When I was a kid, I was one of the funniest people around. I remember riding down the road and having the whole car in stitches to the point where everyone couldn’t even breathe. I played tricks on my granny that would have her laughing so hard I thought she was going to cry. The simplest thing would set me off and I would use that opportunity to make it a full blown comedy routine.

As I got older much of that comedy faded. Life got more serious. Work changed moods and feelings. Life in general got harder. Somewhere along the way I forgot to laugh. There were actually times where I missed it so much it hurt, but I just couldn’t bring myself to regain that jovial spirit that I had when I was much younger.

As I pondered on this later in life, I began to understand that it wasn’t necessary to take life so seriously. Laughter is medicine and it is an important part of our well being. I would go out with my friend Linda and the stupidest things would almost get us thrown out of restaurants. I would write silly poetry for friends (sometimes to their detriment – in loving way) and I would be in hysterics even before it got read. Slowly, I started to regain that wonderful side of myself that I longed for.

I soon realized that part of my problem was keeping people in my life that sapped that positive energy I needed to fuel the jovial side of my nature. Once I weeded those people out and opened myself up to the people that could laugh with me, the ability to laugh came raging back. Some of my favorite times with my friends are when we are together and find reasons to laugh so hard that it hurts. It fills you with an endorphin rush that would be hard to be matched by a synthetic alternative.

Laughing is an integral part of life. Allowing ourselves to feel the emotion and set it free provides us with avenues to have a more positive outlook on life. Think about the last time you laughed till you cried and the mental and physical rush that gave you. Think about the bond that you shared with the person whom you were laughing with. Think about how long that emotion lasted and the impact that it had on the moment and your day.

Life should never be so hard that we forget to laugh and I hope that you find time in your day to let a little laughter in. It is healthy, it is rejuvenating and it is an awesome stress reliever.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles….and laughs.


2 Comments on “We Should Never Forget to Laugh

  1. Ron, when I I read this the other day it made me think of so many hilarious moments I’ve had with friends. It surely brings people together and creates a bond to last a lifetime. It’s especially great when we can laugh at ourselves and have no concern or embarrassment. I had one of those moments I would like to share. Many of us do voice texting rather than the tedious finger texting. This particular day I was leaving a voicemail for a friend. During my voice mail two times after my sentence I said the word “period” at the end of my sentence. As if I was voice texting. I realized I did it after I hung up and laughed at myself for being such a goof. When my friend called me back we laughed so hard about it. We had such great conversation that night that will always be cherished. Please share one of your stories someday so we can all laugh together. Thanks for all you do. Kim


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