When It Hits Close to Home

Our down time over the last week was much needed and I appreciate your patience with my previous posts during that time. It is really good to be back with you all as I really missed my daily interactions with you.

While the last week was nice to be away, we unfortunately got some news that my father has a rare type of lymphoma and will soon start chemotherapy. This came as quite a shock as he had no symptoms and it simply appeared on a blood test. Going through this experience, got me to thinking.

Every day that we wake up healthy, without a cold or an ailment, we go through our day and often take for granted the fact that we have our health. It seems to be when something goes wrong, or we wind up sick that we realize how lucky we are to enjoy good health and appreciate the gift that it is. Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event to remind us of that, when in actuality we should recognize and give thanks for our health each and every day.

We read about diseases and disabilities constantly. Many of us know people suffering from a number of things. Sometimes we are so bombarded with information that it all winds up being just white noise…at least until it hits close to home. When it finds its way into your closest circle, be it friend or family member, all of the sudden it becomes more real. There is no book to tell us how to deal or cope, we just take it one day at a time.

My father will be fine in the end. He is one of the kindest, most generous people in the world with the most amazing outlook on life. He says he isn’t worried and if he can feel that way so can I. At the same time, I would like for you to keep him in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this ordeal together. I write to share it with you as we go through this experience as a family, I am sure it will prompt more writings on this particular subject.

This morning, if you woke up with no ailments and your health is good, give thanks for that. Never take it for granted and know that nothing is guaranteed. That is why we must appreciate and be thankful for our health. If you are dealing with a disease or ailment, know that there are people out there that care and we send our thoughts and prayers to you for a speedy recovery.

Have a healthy day and remember to be the reason someone smiles!


3 Comments on “When It Hits Close to Home

  1. Ron, glad you are back. Your posts were greatly missed. Myself, and other prayer warriors will continue prayers for your Dad, Mom, you, and all of your family. Trust the Lord for He is good.


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