Card Angels

Since the beginning of the Bring Smile to Seniors program, I have had the pleasure of interacting with some of the most talented people I have ever encountered. The handmade cards from card artists across the world have been unique, creative and beautiful. I have come to learn that the people behind the cards are equally as beautiful.

When I started this program we bought cards from the stores anytime we could find them on sale. Then we made the decision to start a Facebook page and start advertising to try and get word out about what we were doing. The power of social media is incredible and as one card artist found about us, they shared with their friends and family over and over. By the second year of the program we no longer needed to buy cards because of the generosity of many people believing in what we do.

The level of creativity in the card artist community astounds me every day. When we receive a new package and open it up, we are always met with cards that make us laugh, smile, cry and feel the warmth and love that the cards are meant to bring. If it does that for us, just imagine what it does for the senior ultimately receiving the card. The cards are always different, unique, imaginative and crafted with the finest detail. Some have mastered the art of repurposing and turning plain or old cards into something new and magical. Others start with a clean slate and turn paper into art.

We receive everything from one card to boxes of hundreds. Handmade, repurposed, store bought or hand paintings that we turn into cards, each and every one the lifeline of this program. I have heard your stories why you do what you do and it has touched my heart in more ways than you can imagine. I have also had the pleasure of meeting some of you in my travels around the country when the city happened to match up with my itinerary. Several months ago I met Marcia in Washington State, I met Becky and Donna in Florida and tonight I will meet Alice in Illinois. Other than seeing seniors smile, interacting with all of you is one of my favorite things that I do.

We are so appreciative for the time, dedication, money and creativity that each and every one of our card artists put into the cards that are sent to us. That is why we call you our card angels. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention our card decorators. Individuals who continuously decorate and write messages in the blank cards we receive by the 1000’s like Jennifer in Connecticut, Cathy in Georgia, Cathy in Florida, Sonja in Missouri and all those who help us with decorating.

Because all of you also believed that we could turn this one little dream into a very big reality, we have delivered our 50,000th card since we started the program in March 2016. Over 28,000 just this year alone. That is one amazing feat and that is what makes you our card angels.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


3 Comments on “Card Angels

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you card Angels. I am just as moved by Ron at the creativity and love that goes into each card I write out and mail. I get a lot of feedback on the beauty of the cards I mail❣️💌💌💌📫


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