The joy of the journey outweighs the hurt

Yesterday, I saw a quote on my friend Marilyn’s timeline that said “Don’t let the potential of hurt outweigh the joy of the journey.” This was a pretty powerful message that got me to thinking. Often in life we expect that things are just going to come our way without work or adversity. Why? Because we deserve it and it should be so. However is that really reality?

We all know that many times those things that bring us the greatest joy sometimes bring us the greatest hurt along the journey. Things such as having a child, rising through the ranks at work, building a new home or growing a business. All of those have the potential to cause hurt along the journey to seeing them to fruition, but it is often the journey itself that can be the best part of the adventure. They are opportunities for us to learn, grow and develop our inner selves. They teach us lessons that help us in other areas of our life. If we let them, the journey can be a magical experience.

Often throughout that journey however, we fail to realize the full potential of what we can accomplish because of the fear of the unknown and the chance that we are going to be hurt in the process. We become so afraid of what could happen that we are not willing to take the risk. Yet, it is often that very hurt that builds the strength and character to enable us to enjoy the end of the journey all the more.

Life’s journey is very much like a tree. There are many branches that make up the whole. Some of them are long and smooth, others short and gnarly. Some branches have limited leaves and others are full and robust with foliage. At times the tree is bare and then other times its leaves and branches are so thick with green that you can barely see them. Such is the same with life.

If we are always afraid of the hurt then we never really live life to its full potential. With risk comes reward and often the reward can be far beyond our wildest imagination. We can live a life in status quo, which may work for some, but I believe that most of us want more than that. We deserve more than that. We only get one chance at life and ultimately only we have the power to make it all it can be.

Think of some desire that you have had that you have not attempted to realize simply because it is out of your comfort zone. Focus on the benefits and possibilities and then take one small step towards that goal. Navigate the hurt that will inevitably come along the journey and use it as a powerful tool to get you through the next step and the next. Before you know it you will be able to look back at the many steps you have taken and that which you desired most of all will be there right in front of you.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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