Dreams can become reality

Sometimes all it takes is a dream. Walt Disney said that it all started with a mouse. That little drawing of a little mouse has now turned into a multi-billion dollar empire in many countries that keep his dream alive to this day. Howard Schultz bought out a coffee shop in Seattle to fulfill his dream. Now its pretty hard to go a mile without seeing the green Starbucks sign on the side of the road or a building. Both came from humble beginnings and had a little dream that they turned into a very big reality.

I believe as we go through our journey of life we all have dreams and aspirations of different magnitudes. What is it that makes some people’s dreams come true, when others go a lifetime without realizing at least even one of their dreams? How come some have gone on to make their dreams bigger and bigger, while others just look back and say, “I wish I had?” The one common denominator in the people who were successful wasn’t that they just dreamed their dream, they began it. They took the bold steps necessary and the chances that were required to set in motion a chain of events that would eventually make their dream a reality. You can bet along the way there were difficulties, setbacks and adversities. However, they never lost sight of their goal.

Often our dreams are just that, dreams. We dream of winning the lottery, yet we never play. We dream of being a doctor, yet we don’t go to college. We dream of being out of debt, yet we still spend. We dream of retirement, yet we don’t save. The one common element in dreams not becoming reality are that we never began. We never truly made the commitment to the dream and put in the work and dedication necessary to see our dreams come true.

The one mistake that we often make is thinking that life owes us. We believe that we deserve something so it is up to life and fate to deliver it. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Nor is it near as rewarding when it is simply handed to us. The journey of dream realization is half the fun of it. Learning and growing as we work to bring our dream alive is what nurtures and feeds our soul, makes us stronger and wiser people and helps shape who we are.

Do you have a dream that you have never realized? Something that you have always wanted to do but never took the time or steps to make it happen? If so, the words of Goethe above definitely apply to you. Take that step today. Just one small step towards realizing your dream. “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do – Begin it.” We all have the power within us to make it happen and my wish for you is that your dream become a very big reality!

Have a great weekend and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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