Card Angels

Since the beginning of the Bring Smile to Seniors program, I have had the pleasure of interacting with some of the most talented people I have ever encountered. The handmade cards from card artists across the world have been unique, creative and beautiful. I have come to learn that the people behind the cards are equally as beautiful. When I started this program we bought cards from the stores anytime we could find them on sale. Then we made the decision to start a Facebook page and start advertising to try and… Read More

Yes, they are listening (previously posted)

This weekend when I was home for Father’s Day, as I usually do I stopped by the cemetery to pay respects to Grandma Lola. There is something calming about having one on one time there, even though the person isn’t in front of you. This visit and a prompting from my friend Kim last week reminded me of something that I wanted to share. As my mother well knows, one of the hardest things in dealing with people who have dementia is when you come to the point where their reality is… Read More

Have you noursihed your friendship lately?

One of life’s greatest gifts is the gift of friendship. As we travel through our journey, people come in and out of our lives at different intervals. Some are there for a just fleeting moment, some come for a short period of time and others are there for a lifetime. The latter ones are the people that we truly have a responsibility to take care of and nourish. When you think about the amount of people that any one individual has to choose from to become a close friend, the fact that… Read More

What is our word worth?

My friend Rick and I were sitting and talking before the movies this weekend about people who say they are going to do something and then never follow through. It got me to thinking about how many times I have made plans and the other person did not show or call. This thought caused me to question, just what is our word worth? Many times people fail to realize that our word has consequences. When we agree to do something and give our word it often sets off a series of events… Read More

Big dreams can change the world

As you can probably tell by now, I use quotes a lot in my writing. They are often the inspiration that triggers the subject that I want to write about for the day. Yesterday was no exception. Sunday, I was watching CBS This Morning and saw a piece on Massimo Bottura, owner of one of, if not the best restaurant in the world Osteria Francescana, a three Michelin Star restaurant in northern Italy. He was talking about how initially no one would some to his restaurant, but he never lost sight of… Read More

Create your own magic…

The other day I was browsing through the news and came across this quote by Kerry Washington, “If I sit around and wait for other people to create magic in my life, I will be waiting until the day I die.” It resonated with me and got me to thinking. No one is in better control of our lives than ourselves. Every day we get up and are faced with many decisions to be made that will take our life in one direction or another. Sometimes we make the right choices, sometimes… Read More

Sometimes we just need to unplug

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and can not go back to sleep because you just can’t shut your brain off? No matter how hard you try, every thought about everything that is going on in your life comes into your mind and you can’t seem to stop the flow of information. You wind up laying there tossing and turning and before you know it hours have gone by. That happened to me the last couple of nights and I began to think why this may be… Read More

Experiences or Possessions

Everyone likes to have nice things. They are an integral part of our daily life and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we acquire things in moderation or within our means. It is when possessions become a part of defining who we are that issues start to arise that can often be problematic. The questions is, just how long do those possessions bring satisfaction and can they sometimes be replaced by experiences that create even more value? Consider this comparison. You go out and buy a new car. For… Read More

I now know I can

Is it possible that there is nothing we can do if we put our minds to it? I am a firm believer that is definitely the case. If I had not believed it before, the last couple of months have definitely made me a believer for sure. I have never been the type of person that was big on manual labor. I am more of a desk person. I can negotiate contracts, manage clients, keep good books and just about anything that does not involve manual labor. However, since my dad’s diagnosis… Read More

The gift that keeps on giving…again

This weekend I had the pleasure of working on cards with my niece Courtney. I thought it was the perfect time to share a post again I did about her back in May. I had the pleasure of Courtney coming into my life when she was four years old. Interacting with a Downs Syndrome child was not new to me as I had a cousin close to my age who had special needs as well. I learned at an early age that they were very special people and that they have a… Read More

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