It’s downtime again…without guilt

Sometimes life is so full that we forget to recharge and take care of ourselves. I used to feel guilty about going away and leaving everything behind, but as I have gotten older I have learned that it is not only pleasurable, it is necessary. Going constantly was not such an issue when I was in my 20’s, however as I move out of my mid 50’s it isn’t quite so easy.

I never really understood how people work twelve hours a day and go for years without ever taking a vacation. The toll that it takes on your body, not to mention your mind and soul, is sometimes not realized until much later in life and often when it is too late. Our minds need rest and rejuvenation to keep us operating at our optimal performance.

I have often wondered what the point is of getting to the end of the year and having a full vacation bank balance. I would imagine that most people don’t get to the end of their work career and look back and say that they wished that they worked more. Isn’t it better to get to be able to look back and have all the memories that were created in those times that you were able to actually get away and enjoy?

The funny thing about work is that we think that things simply can’t run without us. Yet, when we get back from work everything is right there where we left it and we pick up and go on about our business. There are definitely times when work pays us back for taking a vacation. The hundreds of emails and calls to return take a while to deal with. However, just imagine dealing with all those tasks without ever having taken down time at all.

I no longer feel guilty for taking time off. I can tell when my body and mind are talking to me and telling me that it is time to stop. The difference now is that I actually listen. With that my downtime begins tonight and runs until November 19th. I will be setting up some of my favorite posts to repost during that time. I hope you take a little time to recharge as well.

Have a great week and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


2 Comments on “It’s downtime again…without guilt

  1. Ron…for me the key point I read is “listen”. I’m listening right now as my body and spirit needs rest. I’m doing a long weekend to MI so I let you know when I leave. Thanks and you’ve made me smile today. Love ya, Kim


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