The power of we – part 2

Last week I wrote about the “Power of We” and that power was never more evident than last night. During the Tampa Bay Lightning game I had the privilege of accepting the Lightning Foundation Community Hero Award surrounded by my family and friends. At every home game the Vinik family chooses one person that has done extraordinary things to benefit the community. That person receives a $50,000 grant to donate to their chosen charities. While Bring Smiles to Seniors could only keep a small part of it due to our very small… Read More

They are only on loan

The more time I spend with my mom and dad lately, the more this quote resonates with me. It also really hit home when I was spending time with my grandmother when she was in her senior community. However, where it really hits home the most is when there is someone that we want or need to make contact with and delay for one reason or another, only to wind up with that person gone. It is then too late for us to make the connection that we wish we had made…. Read More

Dreams can become reality

Sometimes all it takes is a dream. Walt Disney said that it all started with a mouse. That little drawing of a little mouse has now turned into a multi-billion dollar empire in many countries that keep his dream alive to this day. Howard Schultz bought out a coffee shop in Seattle to fulfill his dream. Now its pretty hard to go a mile without seeing the green Starbucks sign on the side of the road or a building. Both came from humble beginnings and had a little dream that they turned… Read More

Be thankful for those around you

Yesterday, I was sitting in the transfusion center waiting for my dad to get his blood transfusion due to a decrease in his hemoglobin. As I sat in the waiting room I watched all the people coming in to get their chemotherapy treatments and blood transfusions. What amazed me most was the number of people of all ages that came in alone. It reminded me of my trips to my grandmother in her nursing home where so many never received visitors at all. It got me to thinking about how thankful we… Read More

The joy of the journey outweighs the hurt

Yesterday, I saw a quote on my friend Marilyn’s timeline that said “Don’t let the potential of hurt outweigh the joy of the journey.” This was a pretty powerful message that got me to thinking. Often in life we expect that things are just going to come our way without work or adversity. Why? Because we deserve it and it should be so. However is that really reality? We all know that many times those things that bring us the greatest joy sometimes bring us the greatest hurt along the journey. Things… Read More

Is compassion still alive?

On Saturday, after I finished watching the show at The American Adventure at EPCOT, I was leaving the theatre and saw this statue. It was the Statue of the Spirit of Compassion and this got me to thinking. Although we see enormous amounts of compassion in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, it seems that in other parts of our world compassion has become somewhat passé. Is it that we have become such a “me” society that compassion takes a back seat to everything else? Or is it that we don’t see… Read More

Crossing 30,000

No, your eyes aren’t blurry. Yes, my friends we have crossed the 30,000 mark for cards delivered this year! What an unbelievable accomplishment for an amazing group of people. To every donor, card artist, decorator, team member, school/civic group participant and supporter we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Because of you many seniors are smiling. #cardcrafting #bringsmilestoseniors #connectingthecircleoflife #StampinUp! #actsofkindness #papercrafts #greetingcards #inspirationalposts #seniorsmiles. Sign up for our daily inspirational posts at

Small things become great things

There are times in our lives where we get in our heads and hearts that we want to do something and we go at it full force. We take on more than we can handle, give every ounce of strength to our goal and exhaust ourselves in the process. We are so keen on achieving what we desire in the least amount of time possible that we sometimes fail simply because we have taken on too much. It is during these times that the old saying,”Rome wasn’t built in a day” rings… Read More

Is it necessary to be so mean?

As we go about our lives we encounter all types of people. Whether it be at work, in our civic groups, encounters during our day or sometimes even right at home. We run into people that are just downright unpleasant. No matter how hard we try to be nice to them, or what courtesy we may extend, what we receive in return is quite the opposite. It makes one wonder just what has happened in these peoples’ lives to make them they way they are. When a person is mean, it is… Read More

Unintended consequences… a good way!

When I started the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, I did so to ensure that seniors in senior communities were not forgotten and were reminded that they were loved. So many people no longer had visitors, received cards or had other contact from family and friends. Many have reached the age where there is just no one left. What I did not expect was the impact the program was going to have on those people that chose to get involved in what we do and go on this amazing journey with us…. Read More

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