Weekend Bonus

Earlier this week I mentioned that our in person deliveries certainly gave us some stories to tell. Because we have so many communities that receive our deliveries now, we are no longer able to deliver in person. We rely on the activities directors in the communities to deliver the cards for us. That means that we have an ever increasing need for funds to pay for postage for our community deliveries. However, we have fond memories of our times in the communities and I wanted to share a couple of them with you.

One memory that stands out was when we were delivering to one our Tampa communities. As we were going into a room to deliver a card with the activities director, she told us that the woman we were delivering to did not speak. She said that we would most likely have to take the card out of the envelope and read it to her, which Linda did on many occasions. Linda read the sentiment from the student who had decorated the card and you could see a light come in the woman’s eye as she heard the words. When Linda was finished the lady looked up at us and said “Thank You” with a smile. The activities director was floored as she had never head the woman speak and the power of a card immediately became evident.

In a similar situation, we were in another community where we were with the activities director and approached a man in a wheelchair. The activities director told us that he no longer had mobility, so he would not be able to take the card from us and again we would have to take the card out of the envelope and read it to him, which Linda did. As soon as she finished reading the card, the man reached up and took the card from her hand. We thought the activities director was going to fall over. Another card miracle.

While there is one story I would like to tell, I am sure that it would not be appropriate for this site yet is still burned in our memory. But one other encounter reminded us that our cards do not always cause miracles. We again approached a resident in tow with the activities director that was sitting on a sofa in his room. In her usual bright cheery disposition, Linda entered with the director and looked at the man asked how he was doing and told him that she hoped that he was having a good day. The man glared at her and before we knew it shouted out, “how do you think I’m doing you A-hole, I’m dying”. If you could have seen the look on mine and the activities director’s face. It was then that we learned that there is a certain point in your life where you have the earned the license to say whatever you want.

There are many other stories, but these are the ones that stand out the most. The Bring Smiles journey has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. It has filled that hole in my heart and given me the answer to the question, “why am I here”? I hope that you too will find that one thing that nurtures your soul and answers the same question for you.

Have a good rest of the weekend and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


2 Comments on “Weekend Bonus

  1. Ron…thank you for the laugh today plus the tears of joy. I love the Bring Smiles program! Kim


  2. Ron…thank you for the laugh today plus the tears of joy. I love the Bring Smiles program! Kim


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