Our gifts are given to share

When I first started morningswithron.com, I had had no idea where it was going to go. I knew I liked to write. I knew I had something to say. I knew that I wanted to reach people. The question was did people want to listen? Months later, you have all answered those questions for me and I thank you for your support.

We are all given gifts and talents. Whether we choose to use them is completely up to us. Yet, when we do beautiful things happen, many times without us even realizing it. Sharing our gifts often touch people in unimaginable ways and sometimes in ways that will never be known to us. We say something that gives someone that extra strength that they need to get through the day. We share a talent that becomes that person’s inspiration to nurture their own. Or we may share a gift in a way that touches a person’s soul so much that their thought of giving up dissipates and they find the strength to go on and not give up.

I have received comments from many of you that something I have said in one of my writings resonated with you on that particular day. Or it gave you a reason to look at something differently, or act in a way that you may not have otherwise acted. It gave you courage to face a problem or a situation head on and and avert what could have made the situation even worse. That is what sharing your gifts and talents is all about.

Sharing with others isn’t about fame and fortune for ourselves. It is about using what has been bestowed on us to touch lives, nurture souls and leave the world a little better off than we found it. It is about sharing, caring and loving our fellow person enough to want to provide them a little assistance to help get through their every day lives. It is about spreading kindness in the world in hopes that it will take root and inspire others to do the same.

Every act that you perform today has the opportunity to change the world in some small or large way. Something you may say, some talent or gift you may share or something you may do has the potential to be someone’s strength, inspiration or reason not to give up. Sharing also provides us the opportunity to nurture our own souls and make us the people that we really want to be.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles today.


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3 Comments on “Our gifts are given to share

  1. I love that you are so positive all the time. Keep putting out positive energy into this crazy world because everyone needs a dose of optimism to remind them of their own gifts to share. Thank you for sharing your gifts and inspiring me to share mine.


  2. Ron, I read many things from self help books, my Bible, devotions, poems, and the list goes on. When you first started writing I was amazed with your beautiful writing skills. Your posts were different than some of my other reading. I found your topics easy to read and things that applied to our everyday life. It gave me moments of self reflection, hope, lessons, and inspiration to be the best I can be to myself and others. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. Kim


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