Connecting the Circle of Life

By now you all know that connecting the circle of life is a core mission of the Bring Smiles to Seniors organization. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see that mission in action when the Odessa Elementary School choir visited Regency Residences to perform a concert, sing carols with the seniors and hand out cards. Even before the bus arrived with the students, the mood and air in the dining room was full of excitement. The anticipation was palpable and we knew we were in for something special.

When the bus pulled up, the approximately 100 students filed off in their blue shirts and took their place at the front of the dining room where they would be performing. The seniors eyes lit up and they knew that they were in for something special. Some early technical difficulties resulted in the first two songs being sung a cappella and the voices that came out of the children’s mouths were like angels. They did not miss a beat and seniors did not care that music was not accompanying them. Magically, the music was fixed and the concert continued.

After each song seniors stood, clapped, cheered and even cried. One gentleman told me that we caused his wife to come alive again as she had been a school teacher previously. Another commented that the children get more beautiful all the time. Others thanked us for making their day special and reminding them that they are not forgotten.

My favorite part of the event is when the students fan out and join all the tables and sing Christmas carols with the seniors. The room fills with the most melodious voices. The true combination of the circle of life as elderly and young voices join together to fill the room with some of the most beautiful sound you have ever heard. That my friends is exactly what I mean when I talk about connecting the circle of life.

As we were preparing to leave I looked back and saw many reading their cards that had been donated by our wonderful card artists and decorated by the Odessa Elementary School students. They were smiling and sharing with others at their table. One gentleman told us that he got a card from us at Thanksgiving and he reads it every day. Now he has another for his collection.

My grandmother was in that room yesterday. Her spirit was in the face of every student and the smile of every senior. We truly connected the circle of life and in doing so were blessed with the love and joy that filled that room on that day.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


2 Comments on “Connecting the Circle of Life

  1. Oh gosh, Ron, just looking at these pictures, and knowing what went on with these precious children and seniors, brings tears of joy to my eyes — I can’t imagine what it would have been like to BE there — a river of joyous tears, for sure. Thanks SO much for sharing.


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