Your heart is still beating

Do you ever have that morning where you are facing a daunting day and you find it difficult to roll over and get out of bed? You know that you have to, but that work or personal situation is weighing on you so heavily that it almost makes it impossible to lift your head off the pillow. Yet, somehow you muster the strength to pull yourself together and set off to deal with whatever the day is going to bring. How and why? Because in all things there is a purpose. Every… Read More

Be a diamond

When faced with adversity in life, it is amazing the strength we discover that we never knew we even had. They say that life will never give us more than we can handle at any one time, but we all know that there are situations where that doesn’t seem true. We are often overburdened with so much that we feel like there is no way out and definitely no light at the end of the tunnel. It is then that we have to remind ourselves that no matter what, the situation or… Read More

Nourishing the soul is important

In my writing, I often talk about nourishing the soul. It is one of the most important things we can do. Why? Because, when our soul is right and fulfilled almost everything else falls in place. When we are living the life we desire and making the most of what has been given us, we are free to focus on other things that only enhance the beautiful life that we have created for ourselves. If our soul isn’t right we spend so much time trying to get it right that we have… Read More

Are we willing it or killing it?

How many times in our lives have we really wanted something, yet we never really see it come to pass? Rather than willing it we spend most of our time killing it even before it happens. It is amazing how the universe listens to us. When we put the slightest bit of negativity out there it somehow overpowers our intended desire and that which we wanted never seems to happen. Let me explain. It is my belief that for something to truly come to fruition we have to be all in. We… Read More

It’s my awesome that matters

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be? Are we ever really satisfied with being just mediocre when we know that we have so much more potential within us? I believe that we all have the ability to do something great that has an effect on the world and the people around us. It often only requires us tapping into that ability that lies deep within us and nurturing and growing that ability to its full potential. When I was growing up I pushed myself hard to… Read More

Make your next minute magical

One of the most beautiful things about waking up in the morning is that the past is behind you and you have a clean slate to begin another day. Even more beautiful is the fact that the day can be anything you want it to be. You have total control over what your day is going to be like even if faced with adversity. Others can’t make us feel a certain way, as we have total control over the power of what we feel. Have you ever encountered those people who just… Read More

Do our loved ones ever really leave us?

They say that there are two things that are for certain in life, death and paying taxes. Well in reality you could not pay your taxes but certainly with bad consequences. However there is no way to cheat death, or at least not yet. It is a process that we all have to deal with in our lives. Having a loved one leave us is a painful experience that often takes us a lot of time to get over, if we ever do. But in the end, do they ever really leave… Read More

Passion can lead to purpose

There have been many times in the program where I have spoken or written about passion and the benefits of following it. We often go through our lives questioning why we are here? We do all the things society says we are supposed to do like getting married, having children, going to college and buying a home. Yet, at the end of the day there still seems to be something missing inside and we continue to question just what our purpose is for being on this planet. Sometimes, it takes many years… Read More

Can conflict be beneficial?

Yesterday, I went to see the movie┬áMary Queen of Scots for the first time. I have always been interested in period movies and especially English history. I knew her story but not of some of the intricate details of what eventually led to her downfall and execution. As I sat in the theatre, I began to think about all the wars and conflicts over time and realized that usually they resulted from two things, the lust for power or religion. Then I began to think what the world would be like if… Read More

Gratitude and giving at its best

Nowhere is gratitude more evident than throughout the holidays. We see it on an individuals face when they open our gift. It is shown by our host when we present them with a thank you present at a party. It is on the face of the Salvation Army bell ringer when you drop a few coins in the red kettle. No matter where you go, somewhere you find someone showing gratitude for a deed that was just done or gift that was given. If you have ever had the opportunity to experience… Read More

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