What will you make of your day?

When we go to sleep at night, it is our body and minds time to rejuvenate, recharge and get ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. As we well know, sometimes when that alarm goes off in the morning that feeling of rejuvenation and recharge isn’t so evident and the snooze button gets hit more time as it should. We eventually crawl out of bed, make our way to the coffee maker or tea pot, hit the button and wait for that jolt of caffeine that sometimes jump starts our day. We never… Read More

Friendships are important to the garden of life

Yesterday, I was thinking about the wonderful array of friends that I have that have been by my side for many years. There are those that are close, which makes it easier to have contact with, while there are others that are far away, which makes it more difficult. Yet, each and every one of them are just as important as the other in the garden of life. We all have those people that we don’t talk to for months. Yet, they are always in our hearts. But the minute that we… Read More

Bonus Episode – 3 Mornings With Ron

This morning I released a bonus episode of Mornings with Ron to introduce you to my amazing Grandma Lola who was the inspiration for the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. I hope you enjoy. Look for our regularly scheduled episode that will be released this coming Saturday. Available at anchor.fm/morningswithron as well as Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify  and most podcast hosting sites.

Is it time to weed the garden?

Sometimes in the attempt to be positive, we have to weed out the negative. Those things in our life that mire us down and keep us from living our full potential. I call it “weeding the garden”. Often it is things, possessions and yes sometimes even people. It is something that is learned over time as our lives get crowed with excess baggage that at some point we determine just needs to go. I have never been one of those people that feel like I need to have a thousand friends to… Read More

Bring Smiles update – crossing 10,000

What an amazing year so far for the Bring Smiles to Seniors organization. Never has the “power of we” been more evident than now. We continue to break records and have just crossed the 10,000 mark for cards delivered this year. Yes, I said 10,000!  With that I thought I would provide a few statistics about our progress: We have delivered 10,036 cards date. Cards have gone out to 112 unique senior communities across the country. Cards have been delivered to three meals on wheels programs. We have added 15 new senior… Read More

Being able to affect a life is awesome!

As we go through life, many people come in and out of it on a regular basis. Some we only see for a fleeting moment. Others come in and stay for a lifetime. Then there are those that find a place, not by chance, but because they were supposed to be there. These are not your every day individuals. These are people that make such an impression on your life that you could not even imagine what life would be like without having met them. When I look back over the course… Read More

Episode 2 – Mornings With Ron Available

Episode 2 of Mornings With Ron is now available at anchor.fm/morningswithron as well as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and most podcast sites.  I hope you enjoy.  The theme this week is “making the most of our life minutes”.    

Stop when you’re done, not when you’re tired

It was impossible to read this quote and not think of my grandmother. This was a woman who raised three children on her own in times that were difficult and she didn’t know where her next meal was going to come from. A woman who worked hard jobs to take care of her family, while ensuring that the needs of her community were being met as well. This was a woman grounded in faith, who didn’t know the meaning of the word no and hard work was in the forefront of her… Read More

What kind of thoughts is your mind filled with?

Our mind is a powerful thing. Often, I think it is impossible to understand how really powerful it is. If medical science cant get the full grasp of it, how in the world are we supposed to understand it ourselves? Yet, at the same time the trial and error of life gives us insights into different ways the mind operates and that allows us to make course corrections on our life path. The one thing that most people will agree on is that if you fill your mind with negative thoughts, the… Read More

We don’t have to always be right

When I saw this quote, my mind immediately went back to the time when we were dealing with my grandmother’s dementia. It was hard to spot in the early days and when we finally figured out what was going on it became very difficult to deal with it. What was reality in her mind and what we knew to be true conflicted. As a result, we often found ourselves trying to correct her to help her understand the true reality. It was only through research, as well as trial and error, that… Read More

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