Kick old self doubt to the curb

In my Podcast this week ( I talked about our old friend self doubt and how it likes to rear its ugly head any time we find ourselves in a situation that is new or uncomfortable. When we are in the middle of the unknown, the likelihood that we we will not continue to pursue success or simply just give in is at its greatest point. The fear of failure often drives the chance for accomplishment and it is in those moments where we give in that we miss out on one… Read More

Seeds become branches with leaves and flowers

When we have good intentions, truly commit and ask the world and universe to assist us in those intentions, it is amazing what falls into place. Not that the road wont be hard or rocky, for it is those moments that are necessary to build the stepping stones required to reinforce our journey. Never has that been more evident in my life than the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. When I made the initial decision to just do a Facebook post and ask my friends to send cards that I could deliver… Read More

Now Live – Episode 8 of Mornings With Ron – Teamwork, Integrity and Service

What can you accomplish with teamwork? How important is your word? Is Service really all that?  All these topics and more explored in this new episode of Mornings With Ron. Podcast Sites Anchor:  Apple:     Google:  Spotify:   Breaker: Overcast: Pocket Casts: Radio Public: Stitcher:        

Seizing the moment is awesome

Sometimes in life the unexpected moments are the ones that turn out to be the best and create the most amazing memories. You know, those moments that aren’t planned but when you are in the moment you wish that time would stand still and you could be in that moment for ever. Then, before you know it, it’s over and then you have to go back to reality and the every day world. I often wonder why those moments don’t happen more. Is it because we are so busy that when the… Read More

Life is a balancing act

On both my blog and in my podcast, I talk a lot about making the most of life’s minutes. The decisions that we make every morning in relation to those 1,440 minutes can often have an impact on what not only the rest of our day will be like, but our month, year and sometimes the remainder of our lives. There is no escape from the decisions that we have to make as long as there is another breath to breathe. Last week, I had a by chance opportunity to talk to… Read More

Bonus Episode of Mornings with Ron Podcast – Caregivers, Dementia & Alzheimers

If you are a caregiver or have a friend or family member dealing with Dementia or Alzheimers, then this bonus episode of Mornings With Ron is for you. Listen on your computer at or on your smart phone on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and most podcast sites.    

The power of paper

Card by Rachel Fia at If you have had a chance to listen to my interview with AJ Mizes on his Share, Inspire, Repeat show, you will have already heard these two stories. However, as we end this week, I wanted to tell them again for all those that haven’t heard them because….well they just make me feel so darn good. In the early days of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, before we expanded to deliver in all 50 states, we delivered cards by hand to senior residences. The activities… Read More

Setting goals isn’t exactly a science

When you are responsible for a non-profit, setting annual goals is probably one of the hardest parts of the job. The reason is that the success or failure of achieving those goals is almost completely out of your control. You don’t want to set the bar too high, yet you also dont want to set it too low and make it appear that you are sandbagging just to show that you have made your goal for the year. Such is the case with not only goal setting in the Bring Smiles to… Read More

Mornings With Ron Podcast – Episode 7

A new episode of Mornings with Ron is available. This week’s messages are all about dealing with adversity. You can listen on your computer at or on your smart phone on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify or your favorite podcast site. I hope you enjoy. Ron

They just do it

When you live in your home for many years and are used to the person living next to you for so long, it is often a bit daunting when that person is gone and you have new neighbors moving in. You tend to wonder what they will be like and whether or not the life you are used to in your neighborhood will change for the better or the worse. Such was the case for my parents years ago when the lady that lived next to us since I was kid was… Read More

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