Friendships are important to the garden of life

Yesterday, I was thinking about the wonderful array of friends that I have that have been by my side for many years. There are those that are close, which makes it easier to have contact with, while there are others that are far away, which makes it more difficult. Yet, each and every one of them are just as important as the other in the garden of life.

We all have those people that we don’t talk to for months. Yet, they are always in our hearts. But the minute that we are reunited it’s as if no time has ever come between you. You pick up right where you left off and enjoy catching up on all the happenings of each other’s life. It is as if time stood still and you had just seen them yesterday. These are the people that you know came into your life for a reason and are there for a purpose.

There are those friends that you feel so connected to that you should have been born twins. When you are together you finish each other’s sentences. You like the same things. When something good happens they are the first you tell and when something bad happens they are the first you reach out to. They support you in your causes, your times of need and in life as a whole. These are the people that don’t have to wonder who they are, they know who they are because the give and take is a two way street.

As we get older, these friendships become even more important. It becomes about the quality and not the quantity and we find that solid block of friendship that makes it more and more difficult for others to find their way in. We become more selective and our criteria gets harder to be a part of the circle that surrounds us. I think part of that is because we have invested so much in nurturing and growing the friendship of those that are close that they become the bar that we set for anyone new that may desire to come in. Part of it is also the fact that our lives become so busy that we want to be able to give them the quality time that our friends deserve, rather the just a little time that leaves both wanting more.

Friendships are part of the lifeblood of our souls. If we are lucky enough to have those that have given the gift of their friendship to us, then we have a responsibility to ensure that the scales are balanced and that we are giving in return. When properly nourished and tended to, it is those friendships that become friendships for a lifetime.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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