The Courtney and Russ moment

Something special happened this weekend that warmed the heart and certainly helped strengthen my face in humanity. One can only understand the importance and power of this moment when you have encountered or interacted with a an individual like my niece Courtney who has Down’s Syndrome. I have had the privilege of being part of the lives of two Down’s Syndrome children in my family and know first hand the affect and power they have on your life.

Down’s Syndrome children are truly a gift from God and a lesson for all of us on how to live our lives. They are full of love, laughter, passion and compassion that really is surpassed. They don’t possess the ability discriminate, they don’t have the desire to partition love. They don’t see color, race, religion or orientation. They simply love. They offer hugs and compassion for their fellow humans without reserve and serve as an example for how we should all live our lives. While they are often discriminated against, sometimes there are those that see past their mental abilities and give them the chance that they deserve. Such was the case with Russ at Delectable Desserts by Russ in Bluffton, SC.

Russ, saw the same love and compassion that we all know that Courtney possess and gave her a job working in his bakery on Sundays. He provided her with an opportunity to do what she loves best, meet and greet people and make them smile for simply being her presence. The post about her being a part of this special place garnered over 1.5k likes almost instantly and responses from people that they planned to attend simply to be the part of the moment. You see, they understand the power of treating all humans like humans and the benefit of them allowing us to be in their presence.

We don’t have an update yet on how yesterday went. But I can only imagine that the Russ and Courtney show was one that people would happily repeatedly buy tickets for. It says a lot about Russ that he saw the same magic in Courtney that we all know. It says a lot about Debbie, Courtney’s mom that she was willing to take a chance and let Courtney by a part of this incredible opportunity. Finally, it says a lot about all of us that this moment touched us as much as it should. Go Courtney, we are so proud of you.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles today.

Ron #inspirationalmessages

2 Comments on “The Courtney and Russ moment

  1. This is so heartwarming! What a wonderful opportunity to spread kindness and joy.


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