Those who matter are still my people

When I saw this post it made me smile. Why? Because I know I’m sometimes too much for some people. I have always had this way of joking with people, with a little sarcasm mixed in to make them laugh. It often causes them to be self deprecating. It is kind of a biting humor that definitely runs in the Rochester family. My Aunt Monica had it, my Uncle Rocky had it and my grandmother had it when she wanted to. It is a kind of retort and look that anyone in the family would recognize instantly.

When I was a kid, I used to like to pull pranks. Harmless pranks, but ones that would make everyone laugh and the person that I pulled them on want to kill me. But it always wound up in a bonding moment for those involved. My friends will tell you that later on in life I developed the quickest retort to something someone would say more than anyone around. It was often at their expense, but it was always done in the spirit of love and friendship. There are those that are just as good at giving it back as I became at dishing it out, and you know who you are. The funny thing is that I don’t do it with everyone. It isn’t for people I have just met, or those I don’t really know. It isn’t for those that I am uncomfortable with or those that just won’t get it. When you are on the receiving end you know that you have become one of those people in my inner circle that I feel comfortable enough with and love enough to be who I truly am.

Several years ago when I was living in New Jersey I was with my partner and our friend one night and they questioned why I always did that. So, I decided to show them the inverse of my normal action and became the sweetest most agreeable person you have ever met. Did I take it to the extreme, of course I did. It was so annoying to them that they told me to go back to my old self and my point was proved.

I believe that there are times that you can go to far. You have to know when the situation warrants the sarcasm and when it doesn’t have a place. But often people have told me it is what endears me to them most. As I have gotten older it has subsided considerably, but in my heyday I may have been too much for some people, but those truly weren’t my people. The people that matter are still there and they know who they are and that I love them with all my heart.

Have a great weekend and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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