Finding your passion will lead to your purpose

As we go through our early years in life, we spend a lot of time working on our life path and as many know the path is not always readily recognizable. We consider things like where we will go to college, what kind of career we will pursue, what will our family situation be like and what will be our altruistic efforts. Many times we think we need to know every thing that is going to happen by the time we reach our early years. Yet, what we quickly learn as life goes on is that sometimes the best laid plans don’t pan out and we are forced to accept change and maneuver until we finally get to the place we want to be, if we ever do.

When I was In high school I wanted to be a doctor, a dentist, a chef, an astronaut and the list goes on. Many teens find the inability to decide on what they want to do a problem, when in reality it is perfectly normal. Deciding our path sometimes takes exploration of our inner selves and that often doesn’t happen until after high school and sometimes not even until after college and beyond. I decided to go to college my first year but it did not feel like the place where I was supposed to be. So, I decided to join the Air Force and spent four years there. It did’t feel like the place that I was supposed to be either. From there I went to multiple jobs until I would up in the prescription benefit management industry for 27 years and it never felt like where I was supposed to be. So many years and there always seemed to be something missing.

We often get complacent, think that we are stuck and we have to just accept things as they are because that is what life has dealt us. However, when the passion is missing the want for something more is always there and not seeking it keeps us from fulfilling our true purpose. When I finally left that industry for something different I moved into a health care network company. It was different, provided more of a life balance and the company I chose had a compassion for employees that I was not used to. However, the best thing was that because I had more of a work life balance I was finally able to discover my purpose and passion when I founded the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. Finally, that hole in my heart that had been there for so long was filled. Discovering my passion for helping seniors helped me supplement the requirement of a job for survival and sustenance. That led me directly to my life purpose.

I found my passion and purpose in my mid fifties. Many people discover it early on, some later in life and unfortunately some never find their passion and purpose at all. If you feel that hole in your heart and soul and something seems to be missing, it becomes incredibly important for you to discover what it is that drives you, motivates you and creates that passion. Once you do and fully commit to it, it is only then that you will find your purpose and you can live the full life that you may have always been seeking.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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