You still can be what you might have been

One of the great goals in life is to find our purpose. To discover that reason that we were put on the planet and our reason for being. Some people find it early on and some find it later in life. Unfortunately, there those that go through life and may never discover it at all because they failed to look. However, the most important thing is that you never believe that it is too late to discover what you might have been. Not as long as we still have that breath to breathe.

There are some people that are just destined to be great. It is why they are here and although life may deal them bad hands in the beginning, they persevere to go on and do amazing things that leave an impression on the very society that they were a part of. Sometimes, they are a product of their circumstances, while other times they create their own path. They all have a common ingredient and that is the will and desire to believe and work hard to become what they envision themselves to be. They know and understand their purpose and have this innate ability to get others to join that purpose with them.

As we search for our purpose it is only natural that we are going to try and fail. It is those individuals that use those failures as stepping stones to success that eventually lead them to experience their purpose to the fullest. Those failures become a roadmap to success that keep them along the path to achieving that which they desire most. The interesting thing is that while the majority of us may recognize the greatness in these people, there are those that won’t, simply because they have not been able to discover their own reason for being. It is often easier for people to tear down, rather than build up and support, in order to make themselves feel more complete. This is the unfortunate side of human nature.

The thing to remember is that greatness doesn’t necessarily mean great recognition. Our purpose can be great in its own way and never see the light of day. The world may never know us, but our soul does. That which we have been able to accomplish provides us with the satisfaction that we know why we are here and what our role in this world was meant to be. The most important thing to remember is that it is never too late. We always have an opportunity to be what we might have been, if we only believe and try.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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