Life is a balancing act

On both my blog and in my podcast, I talk a lot about making the most of life’s minutes. The decisions that we make every morning in relation to those 1,440 minutes can often have an impact on what not only the rest of our day will be like, but our month, year and sometimes the remainder of our lives. There is no escape from the decisions that we have to make as long as there is another breath to breathe.

Last week, I had a by chance opportunity to talk to one of our wonderful card angels in Illinois. She asked me a question that many people ask. How do you do it all? A full time job, a full time non-profit, taking care of family, visiting with friends and travel. I told her the same thing that I tell most people. My grandmother’s blood runs through me. She was one of those people that could never sit still, always had to be doing something and kept very busy. It was what fed her soul. She lived to 96 and even in her last days we always said that if she every stopped we were afraid that would be the end. Up until the end she never did.

However, one of the things that I learned is that it is so important to balance your life with things that feed and nourish your stomach as well as things that feed and nourish your soul. When you do, you tend to find this inner strength that gives you what you need to power though all the things that need to be accomplished. Another secret is to surround yourself with good competent people where it isn’t all left up to you and you know that the things that need to get done will get done. I do that in my work life, the program life and my personal life.

It is equally important to include people in your life that help nourish your soul as well and let those people fill those areas where you need a little support and nourishment for you personally. People who make you smile when it is play time. Those that support your causes and are there for you in the ups and downs. People that include you in their life’s journey, but are also your go to when life is letting you down.

Finally, it is necessary to find that which you love and just do it. The outlet for my anxiety and thing that invigorates me the most when I feel like I have had enough is my travel. Getting away, seeing other cultures, having some down times and just being with friends or family helps to recharge the battery that keeps everything else going. It isn’t always easy to leave everything behind when so many people are counting on you, but it is something that must happen to be able to sustain the kind of existence that many of us live.

If your life feels a little out of whack, then take a good accounting of the things that are sapping your soul and those that are feeding it. Bring those things into balance and ensure that you have the support system that is necessary for a healthy balanced life. It is only then that we can keep it all in perspective and make the most of life that it has to offer.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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    • Thank you so much for the kind words Gini!! They recharge my batteries. 🙂


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