Later can become never if we don’t seize the moment

We only get one chance at life. There are no do overs and no second opportunities to relive that which has already passed. Putting off those things that we desire to be a part of life, or a life accomplishment until tomorrow, comes with the risk that we may never see it to reality, simply because tomorrow is never guaranteed. All those things that we wanted to be a part of life that we never seem to find time for are at constant risk for never being realized.

One of the major contributing factors to not living your life’s ambitions is living your life for someone else. Doing everything in our power to ensure that others are satisfied and fulfilled, without focusing on our own ambitions, often leaves us with a life that is unfulfilled and at its worst meaningless. We reach the end of our days forgoing our own dreams and ambitions to ensure that others reach theirs and the person that ultimately pays the price for that is us.

There is room in life to be a supporter of others and focus on our own desires at the same time. It is a balancing act, but one that is necessary to ensure what we want isn’t left in the dust when we reach that time in our life where some of what we wanted to do can no longer be accomplished. There is some satisfaction in knowing that you have helped others live their dreams. However, that satisfaction is greatly diminished when it has been accomplished by giving up our own.

We can continue to put off our own life ambitions until tomorrow, but we do it at the risk that tomorrow may never come. Every time that sun comes up in the morning, it does so by bringing a new opportunity for us to make the day ours and focus on those things that nourish our soul. There is no question that helping others is a part of that nourishment, but there has to be points within that day where you make the moves necessary to address your own life wishes as well. It is when helping others while taking care of yourself is in balance that life is at its most meaningful.

If you have surrounded yourself with those that sap your energy and power to the point that you have nothing left to drive towards your own ambitions, then it is time for a little garden pruning. Replace them with those that support your goals as equally as you support theirs and understand that your life ambitions are as important as those that they want to accomplish. It is only then that life can be in harmony and balance so that both of you can accomplish that which you truly desire of our own lives.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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One Comment on “Later can become never if we don’t seize the moment

  1. Hahaha Needed this push to get my life moving out in the right direction this am. Thank you!


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