Goodbye past, hello future!

We all have a past. Just in the few seconds that you have been reading this post a past has already been created for you. There is no escaping it as we move forward through life. Along life’s journey there are going to be situations and events that we will encounter that will, in totality, become what we will refer to as out past. It is how we use those moments as life lessons that will ultimately prepare us for what is to come tomorrow.

If we use our experiences as learning tools, then it is rare that we will repeat the same mistake twice. It is those experiences that teach us the lessons that we need to navigate our future. If we truly use the lessons as a guide, then we are in the best position to ensure that we are ready for what is yet to come.

Some of us have had led mundane lives, some exciting ones and some have had experiences that are down right awful. It is how we have maneuvered through those times that determined how much we had prepared ourselves for what was to come. If we have done it wisely, then we are truly ready for our future and what ever it may throw our way.

It always surprises me when I see people making the same mistakes over and over as if the previous mistake ever happened. It surprises me even more when I find myself doing the very same thing. Yet, if we took a hard look at our own lives, I bet that each and every one of us can find one point or another where we can say, “geez, I thought I learned my lesson”. What that means is that we never truly learned the lesson the first time and therefore are not ready for what the future may bring.

Every day is a preparation for our future. We are going to make mistakes, ignore lessons that we should be learning and find ourselves dealing with things that we would rather not deal with. Yet, used wisely, those instances build the strength and character that we need to get us through another day. They aren’t reasons to beat ourselves up, they are reasons to stop, take breath, adjust and tackle the next phase of our life that is yet to come.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles today.


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