When passion is alive and well

Do you ever wonder what it is that motivates us to do something? That one thing that you know at the core of your very being is the thing that you were meant to do. You go through life with that burning desire, yet there is just never the opportunity for the outlet you need to fulfill that desire. Then, before you know it, the chance to do what you love presents itself in ways that you never knew were possible. Such is the case for me with writing.

From an early age it was a passion. I used to sit in my room at night and write poetry. I would cut pictures out of magazines and then write poetry that matched the pictures. I still have one of my early books that I did when I was about ten years old. When I look back on them they are simple, yet heartfelt and still messages that resonate today.

When I took the chance to start this blog I was faced with all kinds of questions. Am I good enough? Will my messages resonate with anyone other than me? Will it take too much effort? Most of all, will anyone even care? After a little over a year, those fears have now been laid to rest and the passion within me grows even stronger. However, it is not still without fear.

As I face a new week knowing that I have committed to delivering three messages weekly (on top of my podcast) I sometimes am a little fearful that writer’s block will set in and I won’t have anything to say. Yet, life has a way of giving you ideas as you go throughout the week that eventually find their way on paper. The amazing thing is the number of times that I hear from people that I “must have been in their head” that day because the message I delivered was something that that’s they really needed. That in itself is good for the heart and soul.

Years ago I was actually written up in my work evaluation for the quality of my emails. Email was new then and it was not uncommon for people to send emails with spelling and grammatical errors. A wise boss told me that what you write is a reflection of who you are and your capabilities and that emails full of errors were not a good representation of my capabilities. From that point forward I focused of making sure that I double checked everything that I sent. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! Even when I do my posts I can go back and reread multiple times and still find something that I change after the post goes live. I am not and will never claim to be the best writer in the world, but I do know that my messages resonate, simply because you have told me so.

We all have passions within us that are just yearning to come out. Allowing them to live and thrive are not only good for your soul, they are good for the souls that you touch as well. Getting a following is no easy task, but I know that if my post makes a difference in one life, then my job is done and I am motivated to continue that passion for as long as it lives within me. Today I wish the same for you! Find your passion and let it shine.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


Mornings with Ron is available as a podcast on anchor.fm/morningswithron or on iHeartRadio, Apple and Google Podcast, Spotify and most podcast sites.

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