Who we are becomes who they are!


This quote was on a friend’s Facebook page recently and when I read it I thought to myself how meaningful and true, while at the same time simple. I don’t think we have any greater responsibility outside that which we have for ourselves than the responsibility to set an example for our younger generation on what makes kind, cooperative and responsible adults.

I am married to a third grade school teacher and I can tell you first hand some of the stories that make their way home are not only horrifying but astounding in regards to what these children know and present at such an early age. Children are not born unkind, uncooperative or irresponsible, they learn it. In those years where they are most impressionable, our responsibility to give them the tools necessary to become exemplary teenagers and adults is at its most critical. The unfortunate thing is that some of the stories about the parents are equally as horrifying and you wonder how the child stands a chance.

While I have never had children, I have always tried to set an example for my nieces, nephews and those children whom I have had a part of my life in one way or another. My parents and grandparents taught my brother and I to be gentlemen who were compassionate, caring and helpful. They put us both in programs and situations that strengthened our character and allowed us to use the tools they taught us to make others’ lives a little better. Both of us are Eagle Scouts, both served in the military and both have gone on to form our own not for profits. We weren’t born with those traits, we learned them.

One of the unfortunate things in our society is our lack of understanding that education is one of our most important responsibilities. Teaching the generations of tomorrow is  a critical task that deserves the appropriate respect, compensation and funding. However, when budgets get created it is often education that is the first that loses in that process. Children, who are our most precious commodity in a world where they often spend more time with teachers than they do their parents, deserve better. Teachers who are entrusted with preparing the next generation for life deserve better.

How we model ourselves to younger generations is an incredible responsibility. When we do it right we all win. When we fail in that endeavor we all pay the price.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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