Sometimes we just need a little headspace

Have you ever had those moments in your life where you feel like your head has completely filled up and it just can’t take on one more thing? Life is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you and you wonder how you are going to deal with whatever else is may bring. Although research says that we only use a small percentage of the total capacity of our brain, to us it feels full and it is at times exhausting.

For me, this has been the case lately. Balancing my full time job, leading Bring Smiles to Seniors, family responsibilities, social obligations, writing my blog and recording and editing my podcast has caused me to take pause. I know I have the stamina to do it all, but trying to find a way to add a little headspace where I can just breathe sometimes proves to be difficult. Suddenly, an unexpected moment happens that gives you just the shot in the arm that you were looking for.

At a recent work event out of town some of my colleagues were sharing with me an app they use called Headspace. It basically teaches you how to create headspace, tune out the noise and allow the mind the opportunity for time to rest. I have heard of meditation over the years but never really considered it with any great interest. Mostly because I wondered where I would find the time to fit it in. While I am in the early stages with Headspace, I think that it could be something that changes my life. If the early indications of the effect prove true, I know that it will.

It is amazing what happens when you just stop for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be hours or even half hours. Five minutes to give the mind a rest and let the traffic noise in your head go by provides a bit of rejuvenation that helps to get through he day. I am sure as that time expands and I become more experienced with the process, those minutes will expand and I will find even more benefit from the exercise.

It is important to pay as much attention to our mind as we do to our bodies to ensure that both stay in harmony and working order. They are both the vessels that give us the opportunity to navigate this thing we call life. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of a little headpsace, find the technique, app or process that works for you. Let five minutes become ten, twenty and more. Be good to you brain and I can assure you in turn it will return the favor.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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