It doesn’t take much to do a lot

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like life has been good to you and you want to find a way to give back, but you just don’t have the means or know how? How about the feeling that life has not been that good to you and you are looking to put a little Karma out into the world to try and get a little back for yourself? The desire to give is great but you feel like you just don’t have anything to give.

Those are thoughts that many of us face throughout our lives at one point or another. What we sometimes fail to realize is that there are people who have everything and still fail to give. The desire to do what we can with what we have is something personal that has to be developed within our own hearts and minds.

In the third year of our Bring Smiles to Seniors program, I thought about this a lot. There were many who were sending us cards on a regular basis, some even more than regular. People who felt the need and compassion to be a part of this amazing smile journey that we are all on. I started noticing people that were an active part of our social media pages who were commenting that they would love to help but just did not have the means. What they failed to realize was that they were helping just by participating and sharing the word about what we were doing. This gave me an idea.

We had a need to get cards that were donated to us decorated. I came up with the idea of creating decorating packets that consisted of cards, decorating pens, stickers and a return postage paid envelope to return the decorated cards to us. This way those who wanted give back only needed to give of their creativity and time to make a difference in a senior’s life. There was risk that the cards would go out and never come back again and initially that seemed to be what might be happening. But I believed in humanity and the desire to give and my fears were eventually laid aside. Now we have many people decorating cards for us. It is those very people that have contributed to our delivering over 100,000 cards since we began the program in March 2016. The feedback regarding what it has done for their own lives has been heartwarming.

Even those of us who may think that we have nothing to give always have something. Opening a door, helping someone across the street, offering support or just commenting on posts are all something. None of those things cost us anything. Finding our own way to contribute within our means is not only good for the world, it is good for our soul as well.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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