Taking care of ourselves often results in taking care of others

One of the great responsibilities of life is ensuring that we are taking care of ourselves, so that when the time comes that those in need require our assistance, we are in the position to help when we can. Sometimes, in fulfilling that responsibility, we have an effect on other people’s’ lives that we don’t even realize. In trying to be who we are, and in our attempt to be ourselves, something we do or say can have an impact that we may never become aware of. When we do, it helps provide validation for being the person that we are.

I was a quiet and shy child for the most part. I walked with my head down, kept to myself in my room and created a world around me that often didn’t involve many other people. I turned my room into a library, wrote, read and made my room my own little space. I wasn’t comfortable around new people and was definitely not comfortable moving outside my comfort zone. Change was difficult for me, so I tended to enjoy the mundane more than the adventure. When I went in the Air Fore that all changed.

In that move I suddenly found myself living in a different country at the age of 19. I didn’t live on base, I lived in a village above a shop and found myself immersed in the culture around me. It was that experience that moved me outside my comfort zone. I would go on to have jobs that required me to interact with new people all the time. I had no choice but to learn to raise my head and become a part of my surroundings. Slowly, change and adventure became part of the norm and as a part of that process, watching and understanding human behavior and the effect you can have on it became a part of my every day life.

We never truly know the impact our actions have on those around us. We can only hope that we are living a life that is true to who we are. In doing so, something we do or say along the way hopefully has an impact on those with whom we interact. When we learn that our attempts are successful, we have a validation that what we are doing is right with our soul.

Every day we have an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. Something we say, or something that we do that we may not even realize we are doing, may have an impact on someone we don’t know, or even someone who is familiar. When that happens we have the satisfaction of knowing that while we are doing our best to make our life path everything that it can be for ourselves, we are also doing that for someone else as well.

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