Paper Compassion Has No Love Limits

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a guest on’s Life Handmade podcast. Sharing the story and mission of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program is always a special time for me. It provides me the opportunity to show the world what can happen when people come together for a common purpose and portray “the power of we”. I always try and take the opportunity to share real life stories from our journey, along with a message that we don’t have to be perfect in what we do. We just have… Read More

The Impossible is Possible When Based in Reality

Every day I wake up and I wonder if all the things I have laid out for myself for the day are even possible. We can plan for what may come. However, we know all to well that as we make our way through the minutes of our day, things will arise that take us off course, off our life path, and often even derail us. The question when that happens is how do we react to those changes? Do we brush it off as just another day? Do we beat ourselves… Read More

A New Beginning

It’s been a while since I have sat down to put thoughts to keyboard as I have been in a bit of a writing slump. Part of the reason has been due to managing my day job, the growth of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program and trying to have a bit of a life. The other reason is that the world has just felt heavy with everything going on and I needed to take some time to focus on mental health, meditating and generally working on my body, mind and soul…. Read More

Making Your 1,440 Minutes Meaningful Before They Are a Memory

In one of my previous messages, I spoke about the importance of the 1,440 minutes that we are gifted every day. What we do with those minutes influences the path our lives take, the quality of the life that we lead, and the satisfaction we have had with those minutes when we reach our final years. We only get one chance to take advantage of the next minute that comes our way. Once that minute is gone, there is no ability to alter it, but rather regret it or bask in the… Read More

Physical and Mental Effect of Helping Others

Have you ever delivered a gift on a birthday or holiday, sat and watched the person open it, and felt your heart enlarge a little when you saw the joy on their face? How about completing a volunteer project and feeling a sense of satisfaction that brings the same feeling as if have just completed a long workout? There is a reason for that. Many researchers have found that people who give of their time to help others through community and organizational involvement have greater self esteem, are less depressed and have… Read More

We Can Be the Vaccine for Change

Responsibility for a world filled with compassion and caring begins with us. To live a life of truth, means that we recognize each other for our individuality, accept each other with our faults and strive to treat all individuals as equal human beings. This is done while doing what we can to live our best life. There are many who make that task difficult for us. However, if we stay true to who we are and draw on the lessons of compassion and caring that we were taught as children and young… Read More

Has Technology Affected the Art of Conversation and Our Interpersonal Relationship Skills?

There is no question that technology has changed the world. The days of pulling over to look at the map to see where you are going, faxing information to those with whom we do business, and leaving voicemails to make contact with individuals all seem to be relics of the past. Communication is now instant, often with expected instant response, and information is at our fingertips with just a few keystrokes on our computers or smart phones. The ability to increase our knowledge has grown exponentially. The opportunity to interact electronically is… Read More

Compassion and Caring In A Difficult World

It seems like waking up each morning, I increasingly find myself in a world that I hardly recognize. The effort to promote and portray positivity seems to take far more effort than in years past. However, the desire to live in a world full of caring and compassion for our fellow person remains as strong as ever. As I try to make sense of it all, I find myself increasingly struggling to understand why each day brings about another story of violence, hatred, suppression, regression and certainly failing compassion. I wonder if… Read More

Don’t Let Scary Keep You From Dreaming Big

So many times in our lives we often fail to dare to dream because we believe that the chance for success is so low that it is hardly worth the effort. What we often fail to realize is that it is usually those small dreams that find their way into very big realities. Never was that more evident than the dream that I had for the Bring Smiles to Seniors program that I started almost five years ago. I first recognized the need to remind seniors that they were loved while visiting… Read More

Is it Possible to be Fulfilled and Still Feel Lonely?

There is no question that I have an amazing life. I have a good job, great friends, an awesome spouse, a nonprofit that fills my soul and plenty of people around me that are my cheerleaders. There is much to be thankful for and for that much thanks is given. I do my best to stay upbeat, keep others spirits lifted and work hard to continue the mission my grandmother laid out for me through the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. From the outside, many would look at me and think I… Read More

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