Self Reflection is a Powerful Tool

There are times that our lives feel like one giant adventure. Unexpected things arise that excite us, while at the same time causing levels of self-reflection that can often be unnerving. They require us to take a deep look inward to remind ourselves who we are, what we are capable of and why we do what we do. The release of my new book has been exhilarating. Seeing my friends, families and those that I don’t even know share in the excitement of its release, helped provide validation that all the work… Read More

When Me Becomes We

Many times in the past I have written about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Ensuring the well being of our mind, body and soul, is often the key to the power that we need to also take care of those that are around us. How we think, act and conduct that process of taking care of ourselves, has never had a more profound impact on our outside world than it does today. The steps that we take to deal with this evolving situation will ultimately determine not only our own… Read More

Own Your Self Worth

Having a lot of time at home during this pandemic certainly gives us a lot of time to reflect on our life. For some it is a chance to focus on where our life path has taken us and where we have yet to go. For others, it might be a little too much time to reflect on the things that could have been or the areas where we feel we have not been as successful in what we have tried to accomplish. It is at those times that it is easy… Read More

Don’t Forget the “Me Time”

After my morning meditation, I am reminded to enjoy the beautiful things around me. Remember to take that little escape from all that is going on around us and find that few minutes of “me time” and discover the beauty that is around you. Ron #morningswithron

Writing, Writing and Writing, Oh My

One does not simply just sit down and write a book. Well, maybe if your Stephen King or Dan Brown you might. If you are the average joe off the street, that just had a little dream since you were a kid, it can take years to see that desire come to reality. For me, it took 42. When I was 15 years old, I was required to put a rough outline of a book together for a project in my sophomore year of high school. I started by taking old magazines… Read More

Mornings with Ron Book now Available

It is with humble pride that I announce the publication of my book: Mornings With Ron. It contains messages to provoke thoughts, inspire the heart and feed the soul, and is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions at Several years in the making, this has truly been a labor of love. A portion of the proceeds of the book will be donated to my nonprofit, Bring Smiles to Seniors. Click on the link below for more information.

An Unexpected Outing…a Reminder of Love

For those of us who have been following the rules and staying within our four walls, those walls are getting a bit familiar. Being a person who has worked from home for many years, the first few weeks weren’t all that different. However, the last couple of days a restless feeling started to come over me and just getting outside of my house for a bit wasn’t enough. I needed to feel normal again, get in the car and drive, and be out in the open space to see the face of… Read More

Navigating our New World

We find ourselves in unfamiliar times that are often leaving us unsure of what we are supposed to do, say, or how we are supposed to act. Our world as we know it is not the same. Simple things like family outings, trips to the grocery store, work travel and personal interactions, have all suddenly become unfamiliar, taboo and in some cases even dangerous. There have been bad times before, but not none quite like these. There are those alive that lived through the Great Depression. Many of us weathered the events… Read More

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