Navigating our New World

We find ourselves in unfamiliar times that are often leaving us unsure of what we are supposed to do, say, or how we are supposed to act. Our world as we know it is not the same. Simple things like family outings, trips to the grocery store, work travel and personal interactions, have all suddenly become unfamiliar, taboo and in some cases even dangerous. There have been bad times before, but not none quite like these.

There are those alive that lived through the Great Depression. Many of us weathered the events of 2001. Some of us have experienced tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, this time, this event, feels different. Our lives have been completely upended from what we know as normal and we have every right to be afraid, unnerved and unsure of what today, tomorrow, or even next week is going to bring. The amazing thing is that there is always a tomorrow. While it may be a different one, it is often brighter and more manageable than what we are dealing with at the time.

In all of the bad, we have to focus on the good. The 24 hour news cycle would like to ensure that we stay scared, afraid and listening to our televisions 24 hours a day. It’s how they make money. While we need to be informed, we do not need to let it consume us. We must realize that within all the bad surrounding us, we have been given gifts that we easily overlook.

When is the last time we had so much opportunity to spend with those we love? How many of us have been prompted to stay closer in touch with our loved ones, more than we ever had as we went about our daily lives? When was the last time we had the opportunity to hug our loved ones throughout the day rather than five minutes in the morning, only to come home at night and find them asleep in their beds. Technology that consumed us and kept us from personally interacting, now provides us with the opportunity to be together for happy hours, dinners, religious events and face to face interactions that we seemed to never have time for.

There is no question that the world we navigate is scary. Staying in the confines of our own walls for weeks at a time is unfamiliar. However, we are a resilient people. Despite the inability of our infrastructures to support us, we find a way to survive. We have will, compassion, love and hope beyond measure. We always seem to find a way to endure the bad times and celebrate the good. It is in our DNA. It is who we are.

Now is the time for us to show the true nature of who we are. To muster the strength and resolve that we have as a global world. We need to harness the power that we have to make a difference when we figure out how to navigate this new world, and the world that will be waiting for us on the other side. The beautiful thing is that we can and we will. Our faith, compassion and ability to endure will see us through. It won’t be the same world. My hope is that it will be a kindler and gentler world in which we live. It will be a world not all about me, but about us and what we can do as a common people. That’s my kind of wold and the world I hope for all of us. Be safe and well.

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