An Unexpected Outing…a Reminder of Love

For those of us who have been following the rules and staying within our four walls, those walls are getting a bit familiar. Being a person who has worked from home for many years, the first few weeks weren’t all that different. However, the last couple of days a restless feeling started to come over me and just getting outside of my house for a bit wasn’t enough. I needed to feel normal again, get in the car and drive, and be out in the open space to see the face of people I love. But, how as I going to do that safely? A suggestion from my good friend Fern resulted in an unexpected outing.

We decide to meet in a vacant mall parking lot, bring our own food, park opposite each other and visit and have a meal. It was then that it dawned on me just how much we take our lives for granted. We live each day doing all the things that we normally do, expecting to do them the next day and the next. Why? Because it is the way those of our generation have always known it. Even with the events of September 11th, we were not confined to our homes and kept away from our loved ones. This time is different. As bad as that was, there wasn’t some potential deadly disease lurking around corners that could cause potential harm to us and those we care for. It was in this outing I realized, no matter the inconvenience, just how lucky we are.

You see, love knows no barriers. It doesn’t matter if it is 20 feet away in a parking lot, an ocean away on Zoom, a mile away on Facebook or a walk away to the next room. None of those barriers have the power to diminish the ability that we have to share love with each other. While the pandemic may make us scared, afraid, unsure and suspect, it can not take away that connection of human compassion and caring that we all possess. If anything it enhances it. The human spirit is a powerful and wonderful thing and unfortunately sometimes only comes out when things are at their worst. If only we could carry over those traits into our everyday world when this is all behind us…..and someday it will be.

On this unexpected outing I was reminded that no matter how hard it gets, we will always have those who love us, support us and be there for us in times of good and bad. Viruses, disasters and other unnatural events don’t pull us apart, they bring us together. They show us the best of humanity, kindness, caring and compassion. They remind us that when we truly love each other, nothing can interrupt that bond that we share.

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