Exceeding Goals is Amazing

Sometimes we underestimate the “power of we” when setting goals. For the past four years of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program, we have set goals that we hoped were attainable. When running a nonprofit, there are a lot of unknowns and setting a goal is not necessarily a science, but rather sometimes a gut feeling that leads you to a number. While that part may seem easy, it is bringing all the pieces together to make that goal become a reality where the real work lies. For Bring Smiles, it involves volunteers, cards, donations and time.

In 2016, our first year of operation, we didn’t set a goal and wound up delivering 7,719 cards. We went on to exceed our goals in subsequent years but every year got tougher. By 2019, we had delivered 71,586 cards and had no idea what the goal should be in 2020. Based on the effort required to achieve the 2019 number, we decided that the goal should be to do one more card than the year before. This would put our 2020 goal at 71,587. No one could have imagined what we would be facing in 2020. As the COVID situation unfolded, we were fearful that not only would that goal be unachievable, but we might be shut down all together with the country shutting down with us. What happened was quite the opposite.

As seniors were isolated in their communities and were not allowed to have friends and family visit, the need for our cards became even greater. The stars aligned to bring us a volunteer community outreach coordinator as more community requests came in. Our private Facebook groups grew and expanded. Companies like Cigna, Experian, Target, UnitedHealth and others reached out to get their employees involved. We found ourselves not only open for business, but all coming together for a common purpose to ensure that seniors were reminded that they are loved.

One would think that all of this effort would get us close to hitting that lofty goal of 71,587 cards delivered this year. Well I am here to tell you that not only did we hit it, we surpassed it. We announced on May 31st that we had delivered 74,373 cards so far this year….and we are only in the month of May. While this is an extraordinary year, where we go from here is the million dollar question.

Goals are meant to drive success. What has happened in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program is a true example of that. Goals motivate people to do their best, give their all and work in partnership to achieve a common objective. Goals are powerful, scary, exciting and necessary. When you not only meet, but exceed them, the possibilities become endless. A big thank you to each and every person involved in making this milestone a reality. #morningswithron

2 Comments on “Exceeding Goals is Amazing

  1. Crazy. Beautiful. Wow! So special. You and your team ROCK 👍🌷🧡

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  2. That is fabulous. With you at the helm anything can be achieved. Congrats!


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