A New Beginning

It’s been a while since I have sat down to put thoughts to keyboard as I have been in a bit of a writing slump. Part of the reason has been due to managing my day job, the growth of the Bring Smiles to Seniors program and trying to have a bit of a life. The other reason is that the world has just felt heavy with everything going on and I needed to take some time to focus on mental health, meditating and generally working on my body, mind and soul. I have also been planning for a YouTube channel where I will soon share the backstory of my messages and try to create a little corner of the world where we can escape the crazy and focus on those things that make our life path a little brighter.

Sometimes, one of the the hardest things to do is to take care of ourselves, while we are trying to take care of everyone else. However, the importance of this has never been more evident than it has been in the past year and a half. Living in a divided world is tough. Attempting to bridge that divide has proven to be even tougher. One of the most important lessons I have learned is that we can only be responsible for ourselves and those that are close to us. We all have to make our own decisions that protect the well being of our friends, family and those that we love. Spending energy trying to fix those that aren’t fixable not only wastes our own energy, it takes time away from making our own lives the best that it can be.

Often this new beginning requires clearing our minds of the old and letting the new start to set in. The more we allow our past and the negativity around us affect our present and future, the less likely it is that our life paths will get easier. Absorbing everyone else’s mess may ultimately help them in the short term, but it has a profound effect on ourselves in the long run. The less time we have for our own well being, the harder it is to live the life we desire and deserve.

So, when things seem the heaviest, just tune out the negativity. Turn off the news, put down the paper, and distance yourself from those who tend to sap your energy. They can only do that when we give them the power. When we take our power back and do what we can to make our lives the best that it can be, it is then that we start to create that new beginning that sets us back on the course to a life well lived.

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