Letting them into your peace creates true friendship

Picture Credit: The Contemplative Monk Once again I took another quote from my friend Tim’s Facebook page. He always seems to find what I am thinking just as I am preparing for my next post and this was no exception. We all deal with our demons and issues. Some have been with us for years, some are self imposed, others just seem to find us because we keep ourselves open to letting mire infiltrate our lives. Often those issues are so intense that we can’t seem to keep them from being part… Read More

Sometimes we need a little validation

As much as we do things for the good of others and the satisfaction that brings, there are times that we just need a little validation for what we do. It can be a sign, a note, a comment or some little thing that just tells us yes, you are on the right path and doing the right thing. Such is the case with our work in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. Our volunteers, decorators and card angels work tirelessly to keep our program going. Many have full time jobs in… Read More

Family togetherness…while you can

This year we had the privilege of attending two graduations. My oldest nephew graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and my youngest from a high school in Michigan. At the high school graduation my niece orchestrated a photographer to take family pictures of all of us for the first time ever. This got me to thinking about the importance of capturing those family moments when you have the opportunity to do so. When we are younger, there seem to be many moments that families come together as a whole and for various reasons…. Read More

The touch of a hand

On Friday, I was on a flight when I had the most adorable couple sitting next to me. As I gazed over I noticed that the elderly woman had placed her hand through her husbands arm and was gently resting her hand atop his. This warmed my heart and got me to thinking about my mom and dad. It is not uncommon to see them walking together holding hands even after 57 years of marriage. Finally, that thought path led me to the moment that is in this picture when I was… Read More

Giving love to those that paved the way

Picture Credit: Pixabay When I was on a flight recently, I got to thinking about the past few years in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. Then I started to think about seniors more broadly. Mostly about the support and assistance that we provide them and the focus that gets placed on them by society. When we look out across the broad spectrum of not for profit entities, it is very easy to find large, cash filled entities that focus on a number of things. We pump hundreds of millions of dollars… Read More

Commitment is driven by love and inspiration

When I saw this quote by Ella Fitzgerald, it made me think about how much passion drives us. When we are truly all in, there really is nothing that we can’t accomplish. Johann Wolfgang Goethe said, “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you”. Nowhere is that more evident than what we see every day in the Bring Smiles to Seniors program. One evening, several weeks ago we were prepping boxes to send out to our decorators. As we completed the last box, the bin that held the… Read More

Family is what it is all about

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with my family up in Michigan for my nephew’s high school graduation. During this visit, I got to spend even more time with my new great nephew. As I was feeding him one morning and walking with him in the pictures above I got to thinking about how fast time flies and our lives move forward without us even realizing it. It seems like yesterday that we were the children and now niece and nephews have all graduated and the next generation… Read More

Change your routine, change your life

It is so easy for life to become routine. We are a busy society and spend our days taking care of family, friends and responsibilities. Hopefully, somewhere in that day we have also squeezed in a few minutes to take care of ourselves. We often become so engrossed in the routine of the day that before we know it we are doing the same things over and over, day after day. Then we sit back and wonder why our life may be boring, when the reason is staring us right in the… Read More

I can and I will

Sometimes, we get our inspiration in the oddest of places. We see people accomplish what they seemed to think impossible and watching them we get inspired to strive to be the best that we can be ourselves. Such was the case with me as I was watching the finale of one of the seasons of the Great British Baking Show. If you have never seen the show, I suggest you take a look if you have Netflix. All the seasons are out there and it is a rare look into compassion and… Read More

Mornings With Ron now on iHeart Radio

We are pleased to announce that our Mornings with Ron podcast is now available on iHeart Radio. Five messages weekly to provoke thought, inspire the heart and feed the soul. You can access it via this link: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/256-mornings-with-ron-31128326/

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