A better version of ourselves is all we can ask

As we go through life, we often put unnecessary pressures on ourselves. We have to be the best, have the most, be liked more than others and strive for perfection. We create this ideal person in our minds that we should be and rarely do we ever achieve 100% success in that endeavor. No matter how hard we try, or how hard we work, we fail to live up to our own expectations and at the end of the day feel like we have let ourselves down. What if we were to… Read More

Goodbye past, hello future!

We all have a past. Just in the few seconds that you have been reading this post a past has already been created for you. There is no escaping it as we move forward through life. Along life’s journey there are going to be situations and events that we will encounter that will, in totality, become what we will refer to as out past. It is how we use those moments as life lessons that will ultimately prepare us for what is to come tomorrow. If we use our experiences as learning… Read More

Later can become never if we don’t seize the moment

We only get one chance at life. There are no do overs and no second opportunities to relive that which has already passed. Putting off those things that we desire to be a part of life, or a life accomplishment until tomorrow, comes with the risk that we may never see it to reality, simply because tomorrow is never guaranteed. All those things that we wanted to be a part of life that we never seem to find time for are at constant risk for never being realized. One of the major… Read More

New episode now available

A new episode of our podcast Mornings With Ron is now available. Part three in our series “Taking Care of Others”. You can listen at anchor.fm/morningswithron or on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or most podcast sites.

Plans help us move

Life is a series of paths, twists and turns that are sometimes expected, yet often surprise us. Expecting our life to lay out a plan for us without any effort is definitely an exercise in futility. Sitting back and expecting things to happen or life to dole out that which we desire without a plan, is the best way to set ourselves up for major disappointment. If we don’t take the time to at least plan a simple roadmap for where we want to go, then we are left to the whims… Read More

Break the power of loneliness

We all like our alone time in certain doses. It is often that quiet time that we use to rejuvenate and nourish our souls to deal with the rest of the world. However, when that alone time increases to become a major part of our lives, it truly does become a power that is difficult to handle. Being around people is part of what contributes to the fabric of our life and knowing that we are loved and cared about is what helps validate the very reason that we are here. One… Read More

A letter from Ron

Dear Bring Smiles Family, We are now three years into this amazing journey to bring smiles to as many seniors as possible. Throughout this time I have had the pleasure of enjoying your support, creativity, love, sharing and compassion for your fellow persons. You have selflessly given of your time and talent to help us reach even more seniors across the country, in hopes of ensuring that they know that they are loved and not forgotten. During this time we have enlisted schools, civic groups, employers and individuals to be a part… Read More

Don’t let comparing steal your life joy

Our lives are given to us to design it as we see fit. We have the freedom to make it anything that we want it to be, have what we want to have and fill it with that which brings us joy. It comes in all shapes and forms and the requirement for quantity in our life is different for all people. If we are living a life that is true to our soul then that is when it brings us the most joy. If we live it comparing ourselves to what… Read More

Success is a byproduct of the “power of we”

The first year in the Bring Smiles to Seniors journey was one of the most difficult that I ever encountered. Here I was with a full time job, dealing with my grandmother’s dementia and trying to find more hours in the day that just were not there. We had all the infrastructure, but were at a point where we had no money, no cards and no idea how we were going to keep it all going. I had spent thousands of dollars of my own money setting up the corporation, getting all… Read More

Episode 12 of Mornings with Ron now available – Part 3 in the series “Taking Care of Ourselves”

Part thee in the podcast series ‘Taking Care of Ourselves” is now available at anchor.fm/morningswithron or on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and most podcast sites.

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