Book Launch Covid Style

Thanks to all my friends for creating a special night for the launch of my book. Nothing like releasing a book in the middle of a pandemic! Mornings With Ron: messages to provoke thoughts, inspire the heart and feed the soul, is now available in paperback, Kindle and audio book at, and in paperback at #morningswithron

Needing to Show the Beautiful Side of Humanity

We all find ourselves in a very different world. One that is unfamiliar, often scary and one that we could have never imagined. Suddenly, we are confined to our four walls and more opportunities for stress present themselves constantly. If we are alone, we are more alone than ever. Being forced to work at home together, we are interacting with each other in 24 hour cycles. We are drawn to social media to fulfill our need for human interaction and unfortunately sometimes for an outlet for our pent up frustrations.

One would think this time would be an opportunity for the world to come together as a human race, to support each other as we navigate the path ahead of us. To some extent that is true. All around us are acts of kindness and compassion that we only wish would happen in our normal every day lives. People giving of themselves and even their lives to ensure that people that they don’t even know have a chance for the future. That is the beautiful side of humanity. Yet, all one has to do is scan group Facebook pages or watch the evening television to see a different element. Those that just can’t quite find the compassion within themselves to display the level of kindness that is needed now.

Understanding that it is natural for us all to have our moments of outburst, as we release our own pent up feelings, now is the time that requires a second thought before unleashing on those who are seeking solace. We are often so concerned with “me” that we forget about “we” and all that individuals may be going through. Small businesses trying to survive not knowing how they will come out on the other end. Individuals unemployed that can’t get applications completed so they can ensure a meal is on their family’s table. Persons dealing with family or friends who are facing the crisis directly or supporting those that may be. We are all touched by this event in varying level of degrees.

More than ever, it is the the time to stop and think before we respond. Consider what others may be going through before we release our own frustrations. While it is easier for some to work their way through this, there are others who just want to make it to another day. When we can help that effort by showing just a little more kindness, even more than we normally would, it is then that we can show the beautiful side of humanity that we all need right now.

Mornings With Ron: messages provoke thoughts, inspire the heart and feed the soul, is available in paperback and Kindle at and for presale at

Self Reflection is a Powerful Tool

There are times that our lives feel like one giant adventure. Unexpected things arise that excite us, while at the same time causing levels of self-reflection that can often be unnerving. They require us to take a deep look inward to remind ourselves who we are, what we are capable of and why we do what we do.

The release of my new book has been exhilarating. Seeing my friends, families and those that I don’t even know share in the excitement of its release, helped provide validation that all the work that went into publishing was worth it. At the same time, it caused a level of self reflection that required me to go back and read some of my own messages.

Self reflection sometimes results in all those questions you thought you put to rest finding their way back into your mind. Suddenly, you find yourself doubting the things that you previously believed were sound, simply because you allowed yourself to do so. Once we allow the questions to begin, the floodgates are opened.

Many times during publishing, and now post publishing, I find myself asking all the questions that I should have answered long ago. Am I good enough? Will they like it? Will they read it? Does it matter? The answer to the last question is maybe. It matters if your self worth is determined by what others think of you. It doesn’t if we are the ultimate approving authority of ourselves.

I have no idea where this new world will take me. What I do know is the forced moments of self reflection remind me who is in charge of the way that I feel, who I am, and who I want to be. In the end if we are forced to face those self doubts that find their way in, that is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge them and let them go. It is our moment to remind ourselves that our life path is not a straight road, but rather a series of twists and turns that ultimately determines the person that we become.


When Me Becomes We

Many times in the past I have written about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Ensuring the well being of our mind, body and soul, is often the key to the power that we need to also take care of those that are around us. How we think, act and conduct that process of taking care of ourselves, has never had a more profound impact on our outside world than it does today. The steps that we take to deal with this evolving situation will ultimately determine not only our own fate, but the fate of all those we care about and love.

Being confined to four walls is hard. For most of us, it runs contrary to the way that we have lived our entire lives. Suddenly, dining with friends, going to the grocery store, a trip to the post office or a visit to a family friend, carries risk that we don’t even fully comprehend. Why should we? The mixed messages we get from those that we expect to lead us confuse us every day, as we seek guidance on the actions that we should be taking. It is our own decisions and common sense that will ultimately determine the effect our actions will have on the “we” as a whole.

There is no question that each of us has the responsibility to ignore the noise. We must decide for ourselves what the personal and social effects of our decisions will have on those we love. It is no longer just about us. It is about that parent we will interact with, the grandparent that is an important part of our lives, the neighbor who we look after, or even that unknown person that just wants to survive. It is about each and every human being trying to navigate their life path. We now play an important role in the course that path will take.

While we have become a “me society” with built in expectations that we get what we want when we want it, this time is different. Our packages no longer show up in two hours. Our grocery deliveries no longer come within a day. Our desire to socialize in person is currently not possible. We now have to stop and evaluate our lives in the lens of our new reality. In that evaluation, we must consider that it is no longer just me. Me has definitely become we.

Mornings with Ron book is now available in paperback and Kindle on Mornings with Ron podcast is available on, Apple or Google Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio and most podcast sites.

Don’t Forget the “Me Time”

After my morning meditation, I am reminded to enjoy the beautiful things around me. Remember to take that little escape from all that is going on around us and find that few minutes of “me time” and discover the beauty that is around you.

Ron #morningswithron

Writing, Writing and Writing, Oh My

One does not simply just sit down and write a book. Well, maybe if your Stephen King or Dan Brown you might. If you are the average joe off the street, that just had a little dream since you were a kid, it can take years to see that desire come to reality. For me, it took 42.

When I was 15 years old, I was required to put a rough outline of a book together for a project in my sophomore year of high school. I started by taking old magazines and cutting out pictures that I found interesting. After purchasing an old ledger from the local five and dime, I started to paste a picture on each page and used that picture as an inspiration for the message that I was going to write. This time it would be poetry that found its way on to the pages. But I knew deep down inside that eventually, it would be something very different.

Over the years, I made numerous attempts at putting a book together in many types of genres. They never seemed to come together. Now, when I look back, I truly believe that the reason was it just wasn’t my time. I am a true believer that all things come to us when they are supposed to, not before, and my time has finally come.

The process of publishing a book is not an easy one. There were many times that I had to just walk away from it and go back and read some of my own messages as self-doubt started to find its way in. You simply cannot write a book and be thin skinned. The editing, proofing, layout and publishing process will tax you beyond belief. However, when you finally hold the finished product in your hand, all that had come before was well worth the effort.

Publishing doesn’t mean that the questions stop. Will people like it? Will it sell? Are there mistakes? What will the reviews be like? The list goes on. In the end, the answers to those questions matter. But the sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing that little dream come to reality is far more important. For now, I will rest in that feeling and continue to write, celebrate and love what I do. I hope you too are living your passion.

Mornings with Ron: messages to invoke thoughts, inspire the heart and feed the soul is now available at in paperback and on Kindle. #morningswithron

Mornings with Ron Book now Available

It is with humble pride that I announce the publication of my book: Mornings With Ron. It contains messages to provoke thoughts, inspire the heart and feed the soul, and is now available in both paperback and Kindle versions at Several years in the making, this has truly been a labor of love. A portion of the proceeds of the book will be donated to my nonprofit, Bring Smiles to Seniors. Click on the link below for more information.

An Unexpected Outing…a Reminder of Love

For those of us who have been following the rules and staying within our four walls, those walls are getting a bit familiar. Being a person who has worked from home for many years, the first few weeks weren’t all that different. However, the last couple of days a restless feeling started to come over me and just getting outside of my house for a bit wasn’t enough. I needed to feel normal again, get in the car and drive, and be out in the open space to see the face of people I love. But, how as I going to do that safely? A suggestion from my good friend Fern resulted in an unexpected outing.

We decide to meet in a vacant mall parking lot, bring our own food, park opposite each other and visit and have a meal. It was then that it dawned on me just how much we take our lives for granted. We live each day doing all the things that we normally do, expecting to do them the next day and the next. Why? Because it is the way those of our generation have always known it. Even with the events of September 11th, we were not confined to our homes and kept away from our loved ones. This time is different. As bad as that was, there wasn’t some potential deadly disease lurking around corners that could cause potential harm to us and those we care for. It was in this outing I realized, no matter the inconvenience, just how lucky we are.

You see, love knows no barriers. It doesn’t matter if it is 20 feet away in a parking lot, an ocean away on Zoom, a mile away on Facebook or a walk away to the next room. None of those barriers have the power to diminish the ability that we have to share love with each other. While the pandemic may make us scared, afraid, unsure and suspect, it can not take away that connection of human compassion and caring that we all possess. If anything it enhances it. The human spirit is a powerful and wonderful thing and unfortunately sometimes only comes out when things are at their worst. If only we could carry over those traits into our everyday world when this is all behind us…..and someday it will be.

On this unexpected outing I was reminded that no matter how hard it gets, we will always have those who love us, support us and be there for us in times of good and bad. Viruses, disasters and other unnatural events don’t pull us apart, they bring us together. They show us the best of humanity, kindness, caring and compassion. They remind us that when we truly love each other, nothing can interrupt that bond that we share.

Navigating our New World

We find ourselves in unfamiliar times that are often leaving us unsure of what we are supposed to do, say, or how we are supposed to act. Our world as we know it is not the same. Simple things like family outings, trips to the grocery store, work travel and personal interactions, have all suddenly become unfamiliar, taboo and in some cases even dangerous. There have been bad times before, but not none quite like these.

There are those alive that lived through the Great Depression. Many of us weathered the events of 2001. Some of us have experienced tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, this time, this event, feels different. Our lives have been completely upended from what we know as normal and we have every right to be afraid, unnerved and unsure of what today, tomorrow, or even next week is going to bring. The amazing thing is that there is always a tomorrow. While it may be a different one, it is often brighter and more manageable than what we are dealing with at the time.

In all of the bad, we have to focus on the good. The 24 hour news cycle would like to ensure that we stay scared, afraid and listening to our televisions 24 hours a day. It’s how they make money. While we need to be informed, we do not need to let it consume us. We must realize that within all the bad surrounding us, we have been given gifts that we easily overlook.

When is the last time we had so much opportunity to spend with those we love? How many of us have been prompted to stay closer in touch with our loved ones, more than we ever had as we went about our daily lives? When was the last time we had the opportunity to hug our loved ones throughout the day rather than five minutes in the morning, only to come home at night and find them asleep in their beds. Technology that consumed us and kept us from personally interacting, now provides us with the opportunity to be together for happy hours, dinners, religious events and face to face interactions that we seemed to never have time for.

There is no question that the world we navigate is scary. Staying in the confines of our own walls for weeks at a time is unfamiliar. However, we are a resilient people. Despite the inability of our infrastructures to support us, we find a way to survive. We have will, compassion, love and hope beyond measure. We always seem to find a way to endure the bad times and celebrate the good. It is in our DNA. It is who we are.

Now is the time for us to show the true nature of who we are. To muster the strength and resolve that we have as a global world. We need to harness the power that we have to make a difference when we figure out how to navigate this new world, and the world that will be waiting for us on the other side. The beautiful thing is that we can and we will. Our faith, compassion and ability to endure will see us through. It won’t be the same world. My hope is that it will be a kindler and gentler world in which we live. It will be a world not all about me, but about us and what we can do as a common people. That’s my kind of wold and the world I hope for all of us. Be safe and well.

Mornings with Ron is also available as a Podcast at or on iHeart Radio, Apple or Google Podcast, Spotify or most Podcast sites.

We are inching closer to the pre-order date

Cover JPEG

Okay, it has been a while, but there is a good reason. I have been working on my book and we are getting closer to release! It is in the proofing stage at the moment and then will go to layout. I am shooting for a May release…..hopefully before Mother’s Day, barring any unexpected issues. The book will initially be available on Amazon and Kindle, so look out for the pre-order announcement coming soon!



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