Make an Attempt at Removing the Heavy

There is no question that the world feels heavy at this moment in time. We go to bed with worry, wake up with worry, and throughout our day it permeates all that we do. COVID, along with the election, the economy and the unrest we feel as a society, is placing unprecedented pressure on us as we try and go about living as “normal” a life as possible. Never has it been more important to get in touch with our inner selves, emotions and feelings than at this point in our lives.

Much of what we experience is out of our control, yet affects us from an emotional and mental standpoint. Many things that control how we feel aren’t things that affect us personally, yet become part of our core feelings, because we are ultimately part of the collective “we”. It is during these times that we rely on our faith and resolve to see us through this portion of our life path that has turned out to be quite different than what we ever could have expected.

It is easy for people to tell us to remove ourselves from it, or just to ignore what is happening. However, the twenty-four hour news cycles and technology that has been placed at our fingertips has made that utterly impossible. Escaping is no longer easy, it is a chore. However, it is a chore that we must embrace for the sake of our personal sanity.

Think about this scenario for a moment. Turn off the television and shut down your phone and tablet. Turn the ringer off your landline. Put away the newspaper and turn on some favorite music. For the next hour, own those sixty minutes and avoid letting any outside influences into your inner space. Meditate, pray, or just be alone with your thoughts. Concentrate on all that is good in your life and be thankful for those things that make positive contributions to your life path. When you repeat this scenario over and over, a pattern emerges that allows you to escape that which is heavy and replace it with that which is good.

Being successful with this exercise is no easy task. There are a myriad of distractions that will attempt to sabotage that which we are trying to do. If we have the resilience to persevere, one attempt at a time, we truly can begin to remove some of the heavy that surrounds us. We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and our life journey. When successful, what others see in us becomes contagious. Only then can we truly begin to plant the seeds of change.


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