When It Hits Close to Home

Our down time over the last week was much needed and I appreciate your patience with my previous posts during that time. It is really good to be back with you all as I really missed my daily interactions with you. While the last week was nice to be away, we unfortunately got some news that my father has a rare type of lymphoma and will soon start chemotherapy. This came as quite a shock as he had no symptoms and it simply appeared on a blood test. Going through this experience,… Read More

Me Time (originally posted 4/25)

Here we find ourselves in the middle of the week again and what a crazy week it has been so far. Busy, busy, busy! Have you ever found yourself looking at your calendar for the day and every minute of it is planned out? Work obligations, taking care of family, shopping, errands, cooking, cleaning, etc. If you had to add one more thing you just don’t know where you would put it. Isn’t that most days? If you were to pull out that schedule and closely scrutinize it, in that myriad of… Read More

Why I Write (Originally posted 6/7)

One of the questions I get asked the most is why I write? I am a firm believer that writing like any other talent is a gift and gifts that aren’t used and shared are often lost. There are so many talents that people possess that they are often unaware of. Others recognize and nurture their talent and make the decision to share them with the world. That is exactly what I chose to do. At an early age I had a passion for writing. When I was ten I went to… Read More

Grandma Lola: The Jar (Originally posted 5/21)

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She lived alone and I would often stay over at her house and go to school straight from there. I loved my sleep overs, except for the fact that she always made me eat oatmeal in the morning before I went to school. I hated oatmeal but she told me that it would keep me full and make me strong, so I obliged. In full disclosure, I love oatmeal today. We lived in a very small town and… Read More

When the Heart Speaks (originally posted 5/4)

Do you ever find yourself in those moments where your heart is speaking to you and you are really torn on whether or not you should act on what it is saying? It can be about a number of things at any given time, but when it happens you know that there is some reason the universe is speaking to you, even though you may never know why. One such event happened to me yesterday. I had stopped over at my local Publix to pick up a few things around lunchtime. As… Read More

Words Matter (originally posted 5/8)

Yesterday, I was thinking about how people talk to each other. Sometimes, I like to just observe conversations between people that I happen to be a part of and take in what is being said. This can be in work or social environments and the conversations I hear are often fascinating. It is an opportunity to learn new things, observe human behavior and see what drives people to say the things they sometimes say. Once in a while what I hear isn’t all that pleasant. That got me to thinking. When we… Read More

Pet Effect on our Lives (originally posted 5/2)

Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer and I got an unexpected visit from my cat Moochie. He just came and sat next me, started rubbing up against my hand, purring and sharing his kitty love that doesn’t always come through. It got me thinking about the importance that pets play in our lives. Now we all know that some people just aren’t animal people and that is okay. I was one of those people. We had a couple animals when I was growing up that had pretty tragic deaths and I… Read More

Believe In Yourself……

Several years ago, for the second time in my career, I found myself cast aside by a company to which I had dedicated 12 years of my life. The first company was after 15 years. I was faced with the sad reality that no matter how hard you work, how much time in your life you give, or how much of your life you miss while being out the road serving your company, it does not matter. When your number is up at the end of the day you were still only… Read More

Believe There is Good in the World

The other day I was getting my hair cut and I saw this sign on the wall. I had to snap a picture because it got me to thinking about what we encounter every day. It is rare that you can turn the news on that it isn’t filled with information that is anything but positive. You can’t pick up the paper without the headlines blaring something negative at you. It is even difficult to immerse yourself in social media for an escape without being faced with many things that you would… Read More

We Should Never Forget to Laugh

When I was a kid, I was one of the funniest people around. I remember riding down the road and having the whole car in stitches to the point where everyone couldn’t even breathe. I played tricks on my granny that would have her laughing so hard I thought she was going to cry. The simplest thing would set me off and I would use that opportunity to make it a full blown comedy routine. As I got older much of that comedy faded. Life got more serious. Work changed moods and… Read More

Fun with Philosophy

Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!

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