They are food for the soul…

You have seen me write a lot about friendship and there is a reason for that. I truly believe it is a solid base of good friendships that help make our life full. When you find people that nourish your soul, you know that those people have come into your life for a reason and it certainly did not happen by chance.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of going to brunch with my group of ladies that I play Mah Jongg with. We were celebrating two of the groups birthday. As I sat at the head of the table I looked around at each of their faces and counted my blessings for how lucky I am to have them in my life.

There is a reason that this group of ladies is so special. A year ago April I was invited into this group that had been playing together for years. If you know anything about the Mah Jongg world, these groups form bonds that often last a lifetime. Here I was, someone who had just learned the game (which was bound to slow them down in their game), someone they had never even met before and most of all a guy (which is rare in the Mah Jongg world). Yet despite all of that they welcomed me with open arms. I was originally supposed to be a substitute for one of the players that was gone for the summer, but it wasn’t long before I became a full fledged member of one of the most amazing group of women you would ever meet.

When I watch how this group cares for, supports and holds each other up it is magical to watch. They celebrate the ups and are there for each other in the downs. In reality, isn’t that what true friendship is all about? When friends make you laugh, make you cry and you always leave them with a warm feeling inside you know that you have something special.

I am a firm believer that people do not come into your life by chance. They come into your life because they are supposed to be there. They also come into your life at exactly the time they were meant to. That is what keeps life interesting and causes us to look forward to the next adventure with them.

When I looked around the table at my friends I saw different faces, personalities and demeanors that all culminate into one beautiful and amazing group. On this day I hope for you the same. Finally, always remember that when you are lucky enough to experience these kinds of friendships, we have an obligation to nurture, protect and appreciate them. Most of all be thankful for the gift of friendship that they have bestowed on your life. I am lucky to have found my friends and they are truly food for my soul.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


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