It Wasn’t Just a Bathroom

I wrote to you about a week ago regarding the fact that my brother and I were working together to remodel my parents bathroom and convert their tub to a shower to make it easier for our dad as he deals with his Lymphoma. I am an avid watched of HGTV and I have to admit, I went into the project knowing that we were undertaking a major task. My brother has worked in the construction area for years, but I have always been the bookworm. My old friend self doubt raised its ugly head many times during the project.

When you work on a project that involves a house that was built in 1965 there are many unexpected events that you encounter. You pick up pipes and they crumble. You remove tile and there are holes in the walls. You discover work that never would pass code today. Most of all you take on a daunting task that makes you question why you ever started it in the first place.

The more we got into the project the more surprised I was at what I was actually able to do. With my brothers guiding hand, I laid tile, grouted walls, put up durarock, ripped out bathtubs, toilets, vanities and so much more. Every task brought on a little more confidence for the next and I found myself reliving every Property Brothers episode that I had ever watched.

I talk a lot about what people coming together for a common purpose can accomplish. When there is so much love involved in the project that is taking place, no obstacle that is thrown in your way is unachievable. Even my brother having to deal with my OCD and adding additional tasks to the project didn’t get in the way. His calm demeanor was just the right match for my ability to get easily frustrated. I learned throughout the project to say to myself over and over that “I can do this, I can do this.” In the end I did.

One of our worst enemies is self doubt. Telling ourselves that we can’t do something before we even try. When in reality, if we truly commit and believe in our abilities there really is nothing that we can’t accomplish. When we were finished, after many long nights, I stood in the doorway of that bathroom and was amazed at what we had accomplished together. You could feel the love in every tile, fixture and rock. Our 50+ year relationship as brothers all culminated in this one moment as we came together for that common purpose. I also learned that it wasn’t just a bathroom, it was a moment in our lives that was meant to be that reminded us of the love our family shares.

Have a great day, conquer any self doubt you may have and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


5 Comments on “It Wasn’t Just a Bathroom

  1. Oh my,Ron, you and your brother have done a beautiful job, and I’m sure each time your parents use the shower/bathroom, they’ll appreciate their wonderful sons taking on this task of love. And, now you can breathe easier, knowing it’s done, and pat yourself on the back. Thanks so much for sharing!


    • Thank you for the kind words Lillian. My muscles are still aching but my heart is full! 😁❤️


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