The Past Has Nothing New to Say

We often allow ourselves to be burdened by our past, which in many cases keeps us from experiencing our future. I have written before about using the past as a learning tool for navigating our future world, while at the same time avoiding being mired in it so much that it keeps us from living a full and satisfying life.

Our past is who we were. It is full of experiences that molded and shaped our very being. At the same time it provided us experiences to create a future roadmap that would help us avoid repeating the mistakes that we made. It serves a purpose for helping us live our life, yet as this image says, it really doesn’t have anything new to say. If we spend all our time living in the past and not just accessing it for information or memories, we risk the opportunity that we are going to miss out on so much going on around us. As a result, we never get a chance to move forward.

Things that happened to us in the past can only affect our present if we let them. Trust me, the past likes to sneak up on us every chance we get. It is how we deal with that knock on the door that ultimately determines the effect that it can have. Acknowledge it for what it is, understand that it no longer has power over us and let it go. Sounds simple, but I of all people know that it is not. It takes work and dedication, but the work is worth it.

We get one lifetime and one opportunity to make it the best that it can be. We owe it to ourselves to use everything in our power to make it a life that nurtures our soul, makes us smile and one that causes our heart to sing. We can’t do that if we spend it living in the past and letting it control our future. Just by the very nature of your participation in this program you have shown the goodness that is within. Use that goodness for yourself as well as no one deserves it more.

All of our pasts are going to come back to haunt us at one time or another. But always remember that there is a big, bright, beautiful today right in front of you and and even brighter tomorrow waiting for you. That is where we should place our focus. Truly, when the past calls, let it go to voicemail. Believe me it has nothing new to say.

Have a great day and remember to be the reason someone smiles.


4 Comments on “The Past Has Nothing New to Say

  1. Just Amazing !
    This is so true & everybody needs to read this .❤

    Great post 💯✌


  2. I knew this post was what I needed today. I peaked at it earlier, but it was worth the wait as I wind down this evening. Today is almost the past….today’s burdens are gone. Tomorrow is a new beginning. Work and dedication continues. Its all good!!


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